Beukema Park Pavilion

February 9, 2022

Beukema Pavilion – Bid Tabulation

The City of Muskegon is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to construct an outdoor pavilion within Beukema Park.

Pavilion requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum 800 SFT of floor space
  • Minimum 8 FT vertical clearance
  • Minimum 10 FT clearance between posts
  • Timber Frame construction
  • 4” concrete slab extending 1 FT beyond drip line on all sides
  • 20A GFCI Electrical Outlets on four (4) of the posts
  • Corrugated steel roofing
  • One (1) exterior mounted LED light on east side of pavilion (towards playground)

The proposed location is included in the bidding documents.  Bidders shall provide a design specification that meets the above requirements and fits within the proposed approximate location.

Electrical supply is available from the adjacent supply building.  A picture of the existing panel configuration is included as an attachment to this RFP.  Bidder shall be responsible to provide all necessary fixtures and supplies to provide electrical service to the new pavilion from the existing panel within the storage building.

Work shall be broken into the following items and include the information provided herein:

Shuffleboard Removal (1 LSUM)
Includes removal and disposal of the existing shuffleboard court concrete and appurtenances as necessary to prepare the site for construction of the new pavilion.

Site Grading (1 LSUM)
Includes excavation and importing materials as necessary to construct the pavilion.  Includes disposal of any surplus material and provided any additional Clean MDOT Class II sand as necessary.  Establishing final grade shall be contractor responsibility and shall ensure positive drainage off from the slab with the slab set to approximately 1” above the adjacent existing grade at minimum.

4” Concrete Slab (1 LSUM)
Includes all labor, equipment, and materials as necessary to construct a minimum 4” thick concrete slab for the pavilion.  Includes any work required to form and accommodate posts for the pavilion and conduits for the electrical.  Contractor shall provide a proposal to install relief cuts where necessary on the pavilion.  Contract shall ensure entire slab is no more than 1.5% slope in any direction and that a positive grade for drainage is provided.

Pavilion Construction (1 LSUM)
Includes all labor, equipment, and materials as necessary to construct the pavilion.  Pavilion shall meet all the requirements noted above.  Additionally at the time of bid the Contractor shall provide a conceptual rendering or plan of the proposed pavilion for the site.

Pavilion Electrical (1 LSUM)
Includes all labor, equipment, and materials as necessary to provide the required electrical components to the pavilion.  Work shall include connection to the existing electrical panel, placement of conduits between storage shed and pavilion, installation of four (4) Outdoor rated GFCI 20A recetacles, and installation of one (1) exterior LED light on the east phase of the pavilion (towards the playground).

Mobilization / Cleanup (1 LSUM)
Includes cost for mobilization and final project cleanup.  Contractor will be responsible to provide topsoil graded up to the new pavilion slab and to restore all of the adjacent areas to their existing condition.  City will provide grass seed per their specifications and will also place adjoining concrete sidewalks after completion of the pavilion.

Questions submitted to Leo Evans via email ( prior to Monday, February 21st, 2022 will be accommodated prior to the bid opening.  Requests received after that date will be accommodated pending staff availability.

Subcontractors, if any, shall be approved by the Project Manager prior to acceptance on this contract.  It is the responsibility and duty of the contractor to verify that the subcontractor meets all conditions.  The contractor shall furnish any subcontractor’s proof of insurance.

Construction shall be per applicable industry standards, the enclosed drawings/specifications, and any additional details provided via addenda or approved via bid acceptance.

Work shall be completed on or before July 15th, 2022.


Full RFP [PDF]

Attachment A – Vicinity Map [PDF]

Attachment B – Location Map [PDF]

Attachment C.1 – Storage Building Electrical Mast [JPG]

Attachment C.2 – Storage Building Electrical Panel [JPG]

Attachment C.3 – Storage Building Exterior [JPG]