Community Conversation Neighbor Questionnaire

The MICD Resource Team had conversations with ten past and present residents of Jackson Hill, along with developers from outside the community who expressed interests in making investments here. The following questions below were asked of these residents and stakeholders. We would also appreciate your responses to these questions!


MICD Report Recommendations


Phase 1 – Celebrating Identity (immediately)

  • Murals/banners and events to celebrate historic locations
  • Implement measures to prevent dumping in Green Acres Park
  • Hold community events in Smith Ryerson park, such as movies
  • Utilize events to highlight Jackson Hill strengths
  • Organize project to build on Jackson Hill history book


Phase 2 – Strengthening Identity (within one year)

  • Improve infrastructure at Smith Ryerson Park
  • Engage neighborhood kids in activities such as after school programs in churches and marching bands
  • Expand temporary commercial options
  • Add in a warm weather one-day market
  • Farmers Market outside
  • Froebel School
  • Intersection Repair


Phase 3 – Investing in Identity – Economic Development (1-5 years)

  • Extend form based code zoning change
  • Develop missing middle housing
  • Turn Froebel School into unique community learning  & health hub
  • Expand permanent commercial options
  • Connect to Lakeshore Trail
  • Road Diet Business Hwy 31