City Commission Minutes 09-20-2022

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                                     Y.           MUSKEGON
                                                    Public Schools
                            Strong Schools, Stronger Communities
2022-84           Superintendent's Office • 1458 5th Street • Muskegon Ml 49441 • (231) 720-2004 phone
                                                  Minutes 9/20/2022
                                          Board of Education - Special Board Meeting
                      September 20, 2022 at 5:00 PM in Room 123 at the New Administration Building

          1. Lynnette Marks called the meeting to order at 5:02 PM
          2. Roll Call
              Muskegon Public Schools
             _x Bill O'Brien       Lot1is Ght1rehn1ell     _x Christine Hamel        _x Lynnette Marks
             _x Billie Bruce _x Zachary Anderson _x Kwame Kamau James
             Muskegon City
             _x Ken Johnson(5:03) _xWillie German Jr.(5:17)                   _x Rebecca St. Clair _x Rachel
             _x Teresa Emery              _x Michael Ramsey
          3. No Public Comment Registration
          4. No Addition or Removal of Agenda Items
          5. New Business
                 a. Traffic flow around schools
                             i. Partnership between us with the new MMS design layout. Buses have been
                                 separated from road traffic and parent drop off areas.
                 b. St. Jean's Church property update
                             i. MPS purchased the property for the land needs at MHS
                            ii. There has been some interest in the buildings on the property. We have had a
                                 nonprofit and the city interested in the brick building for a teen drop in site.
                           iii. The Nelson Mansion deal fell through. So that will not be moved off site. Still
                                 looking at options for that.
                           iv. St. Jeans has some major damage, MPS will likely have to repurpose to flat
                 c. Angell School sale and plan
                             i. Sold to Franklin Fudail for a boxing/tutoring program. Along with some other
                                 business space in the building. That is not what happened and instead a Charter
                                 school was opened, very disappointing.
                 d. Nelson School plan
                              i. Nelson building is currently housing MCEC this year. There is a lot of
                                 construction at MHS and they needed the space that MCEC used to use.
                                 Looking at trying to house Marquette at Nelson for 1 year as well. Building will
                                 probably be vacant again in 2024.
                            ii. What would happen to the building after that?
                                      1. MPS is open to it being used for something else. Discussions around
                                          Grocery store, housing, ect.
                                      2. How is the building being maintained right now?
                                              a. Just like any school building . Everything is being kept up.
                 e. Charles Hackley Middle School update
                              i. The first level is up and they are working on the second level. Walls should be up
                                 for winter so some inside work can be done.
                            ii. What is happening to the old MMS building?
                                      1. Might make a good Community center or housing.
                              2.   Might be available 2024
                              3. Trinity Health Care has a program that takes old school buildings and
                                 makes them into Community Centers. MPS should look into this.
            f. Summer youth programming
                     i. Covid has hurt us a little, trying to ramp things up again.
                    ii. The City of Muskegon is reviving the Parks and Recreation department. Looking
                        to hire a director by next year.
            g. School officers - plans, expected role of the officers
                     i. Looking to add an SRO at MMS like we have here at MHS.
            h. Projects for collaboration - how do we assist each other?
                     i. Communication is Key.
                    ii. City needs to know what is going on at MPS to help discuss and answer any
                        questions they receive from the community.
                   iii. Realtor meeting discussion for this year again. Making sure local realtors know
                        what is happening at MPS to let families know who move into the district.
                   iv. Look at having the Family Coordinator go to welcome families along with the
    6.   Public Comment
            a. We allow up to 3 minutes for any guest who would like to comment to the Board of Education. We
                 will not discuss nor respond tonight; however, if needed, the appropriate school official will contact
                 you. At this time, if you would like to make a public comment, please state your name and address.
                 Speakers are asked to express themselves in a civil manner, with due respect for the dignity and
                 privacy of others who may be affected by your comments
          b. Randy Vanderweit - McLaughlin Neighborhood President
    7. Announcements
          a. Ken Johnson - Thank you all this is great groundwork.
    8. Lynnette Marks adjourned the meeting at 6:30 pm

                ✓ "I ______.U-----L,<..;{ltl:.....__1_J
                                                     _ _ _-..L...:./tJ

   Ann Marie Meisch, City Clerk                          Adopted 10/25/2022

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