City Commission Minutes 12-28-2022

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                                   CITY OF MUSKEGON
                                CITY COMMISSION MEETING
                               Wednesday, December 28, 2022
                                         4:00 pm
                                City Commission Chambers


Present: Commissioners St. Clair, Emory, Johnson, and Gorman.
Absent: Commissioners Hood, German, and Ramsey.

Muskegon Heights Water Operator – Temp Agreement
Muskegon Heights will be without a water plant superintendent for about six months. This
agreement outlines the details of Muskegon providing an operator to Muskegon Heights.

This agreement is built on a previous agreement the two Cities used in 2008. Muskegon agrees
to provide an F1 water plant operator for a minimum of one hour per day with the primary
responsibility of completing MDEGLE reports. The agreement also notes that if Muskegon
Heights requests, the City of Muskegon will provide an S1 (water distribution) license holder for
the same purpose.

The hourly rate Muskegon is charging Muskegon Heights is $120 per hour for supervisory staff
(F1/S1 operators). (Sec. 16, p. 6).

Updates from the 2008 agreement outlines responsibilities of Muskegon Heights more
specifically related to MDEGLE and it makes notes of current conditions as outlined by
MDEGLE at the Muskegon Heights Water Plan. (Sec. 4 p. 3) Another change from the past,
either party can terminate the agreement with 14 days’ notice (Sec. 15. P. 6).

This is a revenue neutral agreement.

Motion by Commissioner St. Clair, seconded by Commissioner Gorman to approve the
short-term water operator agreement between the City of Muskegon and the City of
Muskegon Heights to provide necessary services in compliance with the Michigan Safe
Drinking Water Act.


Ayes: Commissioners Gorman, Emory, St. Clair, and Johnson.
Nays: None.

                                                                           MOTION PASSES.
Amendment to Sale of 1527 Hoyt Street
The mortgage company has requested an amendment to the November 7, 2022 purchase
agreement to reflect the authorization of LeighAnn Mikesell to sign the purchase agreement.

Motion by Commissioner Gorman, seconded by Commissioner Emory to amend the
November 7, 2022 motion to approve the purchase agreement for 1527 Hoyt Street and
authorize LeighAnn Mikesell to sign the purchase agreement.


Ayes: Commissioners Gorman, Emory, St. Clair, and Johnson.
Nays: None.

                                                                 MOTION PASSES.

Moved by Commissioner Emory, seconded by Commissioner St. Clair to adjourn the meeting at
4:09 pm

                                                   Respectfully Submitted,

                                                   Ann Marie Meisch, MMC – City Clerk

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