City Commission Worksession Agenda 08-11-2008

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                             City of Muskegon
                       City Commission Worksession
                              August 11, 2008
                        City Commission Chambers
                                  5:30 PM


1.    Geographic Information System (GIS) City/County Contract Presentation.
      (Tom VanBruggen)

2.    Sewer Back-up Claim at 1387 Sixth Street. (Assistant Finance Director)

3.    Memorial Honoring Commissioner Kevin Davis. (Leisure Services)

4.    Hackley Heritage Association, Inc. Request. (City Manager)

5.    City Support for Movie Making. (City Manager)

6.    Spotlight Liquor License. (City Manager)

7.    West Michigan Transit Linkages Study. (City Manager)

8.    Any Other Business.

9.    Closed Session to Discuss Pending Litigation.

10.   Adjournment.

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