City Commission Worksession Agenda 03-10-2008

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                           City of Muskegon
                     City Commission Worksession
                            March 10, 2008
                      City Commission Chambers
                                5:30 PM


1.   Board of Review Poverty Exemption Policy. TREASURER

2.   2007 Operating Transfers. FINANCE

3.   Muskegon and Webster Street Lights. ENGINEERING

4.   Development of Pere Marquette Park. CITY MANAGER

5.   Dangerous Building Consideration – 790 Terrace. CITY MANAGER

6.   Approval of February 4, 2008, CRC Minutes. CITY CLERK

7.   Appointments to Committees/Boards. CITY CLERK

8.   Any Other Business.

9.   Adjournment.

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