City Commission Worksession Minutes 03-07-2005

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                                 Commission Chambers
                                    March 7, 2005


The City Commission Worksession was called to order at 5:46 p.m. All Commissioners
were present.

1. Local Government Cooperation. Commissioner Spataro commented that that we needed
   political and functional consolidation. He suggested that we should issue a resolution
   stating that the City Commission supports in principal the concept of consolidation. His
   suggested proposal is that we start with Public Safety and consolidate the Fire
   Departments, and create a countywide fire authority.

2. Inspections of houses for sale. Commissioner Davis explained a handout he provided the
   entire commission and stated his reasons for starting this program. He also suggested
   that we should consider subcontracting options also.

3. Wastewater system agreement amendment. Public Works Director Bob Kuhn gave
   commission an overview of the item for Tuesday’s agenda.

4. City Center Infrastructure Financing. City Manager Bryon Mazade gave the commission
   an overview of this item. ( $1 Million Dollars with a match needed). Needs a
   commitment from the Commission by the end of the March.

5. Bids for Walton Street Construction. Commissioner Larson stated that he will be
   recommending that the bid be awarded to Jackson Merkey, the second lowest bidder.
   Commissioner Spataro stated that he did not agree with Commissioner Larson.
   Commissioner Gawron also stated that he agreed with Commissioner Spataro that the bid
   should go to the low bidder.

6. CDBG Budget. City Manager Bryon Mazade gave the commission an overview of the
   budget. City Commissioners commented on the amounts suggested in the budget. The
   Commissioners suggested that the recommendations made by staff in the document
   should be how the money be distributed.

7. Farmer’s Market. City Commissioners and the public had a long discussion on this topic.

   Motion by Spataro, seconded by Carter, to have staff make contacts on the locations
   presented to them and forward any private proposals for review to the City
   Commissioners so they may look at all options.
   Vote:          7 Yeas        0 Nays         Passed

   Commissioners asked that the City Manager bring the outcome of the contacts to the next
   worksession in April (April 11, 2005). They also suggested that we not apply for the
   Cool Cities grant. Commissioner Davis suggested that we start an evaluation of the
   current site.

8. DNR Grant Application. City Manager Mazade handed out an information sheet to the
   Commission. After discussion, the commission agreed that the city not apply for the
   DNR grant. Discussion was also held on the DEQ Coastal Management Program and the
   Commission agreed that we do not apply for this grant.

9. Construction Engineering – Shoreline Drive. Mohammed Al-Shatel gave the
   commissioners an overview of the project.

10. Polling Place Changes. Commissioners all agreed with the suggested changes that were
    recommended by the City Clerk.

11. Any other business. Various comments were heard from commissioners

12. Adjournment. The City Commissioner Worksession was adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

                                               Respectfully submitted,

                                               Gail A. Kundinger, MMC
                                               City Clerk

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