City Commission Worksession Minutes 05-09-2005

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                              City of Muskegon
                        City Commission Worksession

                                      May 9, 2005

                  5:30 PM @ Muskegon City Chambers
                             City Hall


The Worksession meeting was called to order by Mayor Warmington at 5:31 p.m. Also present
were Vice Mayor Larson, Commissioners Carter, Davis, Gawron, Shepherd and Spataro.

   1.     Harbour Towne Sidewalks. (Mazade)

          Motion by Larson, seconded by Spataro, to not require putting in the sidewalks at this
          time and wait until there is significant interest/demand for the sidewalks from the
          residents. Staff is to contact the Condominium Association and verify that they do
          not want sidewalks and also allow necessary permits for the developer to proceed
          with his proposed buildings.

   2.     Request from McGraft Memorial Church. (Slaughter)

          Discussion was held on this item. Staff is to determine if the land in question is or is
          not in the McGraft Charter Park.

   3.     Update on Farmer’s Market. (Slaughter)

          Update given by Vice Mayor Larson. The committee is suggesting the Terrace Street
          Lots for the new location for the Farmer’s Market. The members of the Commission
          agreed that the Terrace Street Lots may be the site for the Farmer’s Market and
          instructed staff to proceed with determining costs and plans for the move.

   4.     Proposed Fire Station. (Mazade)

          Mark Kincaid spoke a suggested that the Terrace Street lots are the best location for
          the new fire station location. There was a consensus of the commission to continue to
          look into the possibility of the location.

   5.     Report – Fire Consolidation. (Mazade)
          City Manager Mazade reported to the commission the response from the neighboring
          communities was pretty favorable. Commission directed staff to continue the
          dialogue with the other communities on this item.

   6.     Internet-Based Traffic Collision Reports. (Kleibecker)

          Commission agreed that this item be on the Tuesday meeting for action.

   7.     Request for Resolution for Beverly Straley. (Mazade)

          Commission instructed staff to proceed with a resolution for the next meeting in May.

   8.     Proposed Revenue Sharing Cuts. (Paul)

          Tim Paul updated Commission on expected revenue cuts.

   9.     Any other business.

          Bob Kuhn presented a request from Nugent Sand for water through a temporary
          connection. Thirteen homes in Norton Shores are involved. Commission instructed
          staff to develop an agreement and bring it back to commission for action.

          Commission Shepherd asked staff to have towels put in the City Hall restrooms.

          Commissioner Spataro asked fellow commissioners about participating in the
          Muskegon Heights parade on July 9th. Mayor also brought up the Memorial Day
          parade. Commission is to make a decision about participation at the next meeting.

          Vice Mayor Larson announced that he filed for At Large City Commission seat and
          that he is considering filing for Paul Baade’s County Commission position.

   10.    Adjournment.

          The meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail A. Kundinger, MMC
City Clerk

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