City Commission Worksession Minutes 12-07-2015

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                                       City of Muskegon
                                 City Commission Worksession
                                       December 7, 2015
                                  City Commission Chambers
                                            5:30 PM

Present: Commissioners German, Commissioner Rinsema-Sybenga, Hood, Gawron, Johnson,
Turnquist, and Spataro.
Absent: None.

2nd Amendment to Agreement with Muskegon Lakefront, LLC.
Muskegon Lakefront LLC has asked for an extension to the agreement entered into on November
30, 2007. The purpose of the agreement is to provide time for the group to pay the 2013 and
2014 taxes, and to begin marketing the property for other lakefront uses. This amendment will
extend the terms of the original agreement to March 31, 2016. In exchange for the amendment,
the City will place its outstanding special assessment onto the tax roll immediately, while
Muskegon Lakefront LLC will immediately pay the outstanding 2013 property taxes and begin
making regular monthly payments on the 2014 property taxes. Muskegon Lakefront LLC will
also begin marketing the property for development independent from casino development.

Steve Warmington, representative of Muskegon Lakefront, LLC spoke to the Commission and
indicated they are waiting for a letter from the government recognizing them. They anticipate
receiving a letter by March 30, 2016.

Discussion ensued.

This item has been placed on the December 8, 2015 meeting for consideration by the

Proposed Amendment to Purchasing Policy.
Our Purchasing Policy regarding public notices for bids has not been updated in many years.
Currently it requires a notice to be published a minimum of ten days prior to a bid opening. This
requirement doesn’t always allow staff to move in a timely matter.

The modified policy would require the City to place all bid notifications on the City’s website
and allow any company or individual to sign up to receive notification of new bids by registering
on our website. Staff will also be required to notify all bidders who have bid on a similar project
within the last two years.

This item has been placed on the December 8, 2015 meeting for consideration by the

Discussion ensued.

2016 Salary Schedule and Fringe Benefits for Non-Represented Employees.
This is a request to approve and adopt the proposed salary ranges and salary schedules for the
non-represented administrative, technical, professional, and supervisory employees for 2016
($1,300 in increase per position), and to approve the following fringe benefit changes:
   1. An increase in the Health Care Savings Program employer match from 2% of wages to
      3% of wages.
   2. Increase unused sick time cash payouts at the time of retirement from 50% to 75%.
   3. Authorize the reimplementation of the city’s tuition reimbursement program at a rate of
      $1,000 per year per eligible employee.

The changes will cost approximately $50,000, plus approximately $15,000 in added taxes and
fringe benefit costs.
This item has been placed on the December 8, 2015 meeting for consideration by the

Discussion ensued.

Motion by Commissioner Hood, seconded by Commissioner Johnson to adjourn at 7:07

                                                                         MOTION PASSES

                                                           Ann Marie Meisch, MMC
                                                                   City Clerk

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