City Commission Worksession Minutes 04-15-2022

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                                     Goal Setting Minutes
                                         April 15, 2022
                                              9 am
                                 Barclay Center, Muskegon, MI

Attendance: Mayor Johnson, Vice Mayor German, Commissioners Hood, Gorman, Ramsey,
Emory, and St. Clair.

Staff Members: Andrew Rush, Dave Alexander, Leo Evans, Pete Wills, Jason Boes, Jessica
Rabe, Oneata Bailey, Dan VanderHeide, Kim Spittler, Peggy Thorsen-Straley, Jay Paulson, Ann
Marie Meisch, Barb Shullenberger, Ken Grant, Jake Laime, Jake Eckholm, and LeighAnn

Facilitator: Lew Bender

Introductions: Mayor Johnson and Interim City Manager LeighAnn Mikesell gave an

Commission Based SWOC Discussion
Staff members were asked to share challenges they face in each department.

Vision Tour 2027
The team was broken down into three groups to list their vision for 2027 and our potential as a

These visions include:

A train from Chicago to Muskegon
Increased public access to the lake
Connect our downtown and water’s edge and downtown to beach
Educate and engagement with neighborhoods
Robust parks and recreational program
Seasonal stores at NOAA (Western Market esq)
Non-social media communication between residents and the City
Increased Election Engagement
Water taxi connecting Shoreline Drive and Lakeside
Completion of current economic development projects
Infill housing
Decreased burden on residents to support infrastructure (implement federal resources)
Diversity - in our downtown and staff City Hall
Economic Opportunity localized with neighborhood, youth focused, and seasonal balance
Blight fight

Improved Muskegon Public Schools as an institution
Robust neighborhood associations across the city
Micro communities like we currently have on Western but add them to our neighborhoods
Email list of residents for communication
Open bathrooms throughout the community

1.     Destination Community/Quality of Life

One Year Tasks
Meeting & conversation with Amtrak
Water Taxi
Establish robust parks and rec expansion plan
Events and activities proceed
Begin engagement and discussion about chalets at NOAA - Commissioner Emory
Neighborhood micro communities - Commissioner Ramsey
Allocation of funds for tram, restrooms, etc.

2. Community Connection

One Year Tasks
Increase Education and Outreach to voters
Update and Implement internal communication policies
Community newsletter
Modernize recruitment strategy

3. Economic Development/Housing/Business

One Year Tasks
Monthly meetings within the neighborhoods
Continue with blight clean-up that includes two dumpster days each year, etc.
More affordable housing

4. Finance/Infrastructure

One Year Tasks
Identify specific projects
Take Advantage of external revenue sources
Rate study of sewer & water rates
Community engagement - utilize web tools
Create a living budget
ARPA Funds
Analyze what we have already committed to.

What is the most bang for the buck?

What are the short-term benefit to residents?

Communicate “why” to residents.

Public Comment
Public comment was accepted.


                                                  Ann Marie Meisch, MMC
                                                        City Clerk

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