City Commission Worksession Minutes 10-10-2022

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                                CITY OF MUSKEGON
                          CITY COMMISSION WORKSESSION

                               Monday, October 10, 2022
                                       5:30 p.m.
                              City Commission Chambers
                        933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI 49440



Present: Mayor Johnson, Vice Mayor German, Commissioners Gorman, St.Clair, and

Absent: Commissioners Hood and Ramsey

Transportation Asset Management Plan
Public Act 325 of 2018 began a process which requires all road maintaining
agencies with at least 100 centerline miles to prepare and have on file with the state
a Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) that is updated every three years.
To that end, and recognizing the value of asset management principles applied to
City infrastructure, the Commission authorized Prein & Newhof to create a plan for
the City at the May 24, 2022 meeting.
As defined by the act, asset management is “an ongoing process of maintaining,
preserving, upgrading, and operating physical assets cost effectively, based on a
continuous physical inventory and condition assessment and investment to achieve
established performance goals.” In more practical terms the plan provides a
detailed inventory of roads, bridges, culverts and traffic signals in the City, sets goals
for maintaining the overall condition of the City’s transportation infrastructure, and
makes recommendations on how to achieve the goals in the context of the funds
expected to be available.
Staff will present the plan that is required to be submitted to the State, discuss it’s
benefits and recommendations, and outline the process going forward that will allow
staff, in consultation with Prein & Newhof, to develop a more comprehensive Capital
Improvement Plan that takes into account all of the City’s major infrastructure asset
categories (water, sewer, drainage and roadways).

Dan VanderHeide, Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works, provided
background of why we need a Transportation Asset Management Plan and introduced
Barb Marczak, Team Leader for the Prein & Newhof Muskegon office. She has
addressed the commission in the past, talking about Asset Management. Barbara and
Connie, another team lead for Prein & Newhof, presented an overview of the
Transportation Asset Management Plan that will be on the agenda for consideration on
October 11, 2022.
Storm Water Management Ordinance
The City has used the Muskegon County Drain Commissioner’s Office for storm water
management reviews of new development since about October of 2016. In 2021 the
City began the process of taking back management of our own storm water reviews to
increase quality and control over the process and to speed review times. Staff has
been working with ENG. Inc. to prepare a new storm water ordinance that will allow the
City to formally take back control of storm water management with an ordinance and
other documents in compliance with our state permitting requirements and EGLE
procedures. The City attorney has reviewed the ordinance.
The new ordinance will be presented for review, together with the far more in-depth
storm water procedures manual that governs how the ordinance is enforced. Both
documents will require review by the state, however in a quirk of procedure the state
will not review or approve the documents until adopted. Given the similarity of these
documents and rules to those of other Muskegon County governments and similar
governments throughout the state, staff and the consultant anticipate minimal
comments from the state, if any.
Developers will see little change to the process, as the new ordinance and rules are
designed very similar to the County standards we now use, and reviews will continue to
be performed by ENG. Inc., the same consultant that performs reviews for the County.
What changes do occur are anticipated to be positive to both the City and developers,
with the goal of increasing service and practicality of application.

Dan VanderHeide, Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works, presented
information on a proposed Storm Water Management Ordinance. Ryan, a
representative from ENG, Inc., the same consultant that performs review for the County,
was also present and provided an explanation of the role of ENG, Inc. in the City of

Discussion took place and the Storm Water Management Ordinance will appear on the
agenda for the October 25, 2022 meeting.

Special Events Policy Changes
Staff is seeking guidance on potential changes to the special event policy and fee
waivers. Jacqui Erny, DPW Clerical Supervisor, presented information about events
that have taken place this past year and provided information about feedback that
has been received regarding some events logistics. Some proposed changes to the
fee waiver process are being presented.
Discussion took place regarding the proposed changes to the Special Events Policy
and this item will appear on the agenda for the October 25, 2022 meeting.
Marihuana Ordinance/Muskegon Social Equity Program
The Planning Commission and City Commission held a joint meeting on August 4
and discussed a variety of marihuana issues related to zoning. Please see the
enclosed packet from that meeting, with notes from the meeting in red. Staff is also
requesting to amend the Muskegon Social Equity Program to allow all social equity
applicants to be considered, not just those with a prior arrest. Staff would also like to
clarify how many grants an applicant may be awarded.
To qualify as a State of Michigan social equity recipient, an individual must meet one
of the following qualifying criteria:
   1. Residency in a disproportionately impacted community for at least five
      cumulative years.
   2. Misdemeanor or felony conviction of a marihuana related offense.
   3. Registration as a primary caregiver under the Michigan Marihuana Act for at least
      two years between 2008 and 2017.

Mike Franzak, Planning Manager, presented information regarding the Muskegon Social
Equity Program and is seeking to expand access to grant funds for social equity
applicants as indicated above.

Discussion took place and this item will appear on the agenda for a regular meeting at a
later date.

Pere Marquette Parking & Boardwalk Improvements
Leo Evans, Director of Department of Public Works, presented a brief update on the
plans that are just getting developed in regards to the options for expanded parking and
boardwalk improvements within Pere Marquette Park.

Commission approved engineering for this project back in January of 2022 and
requested that staff undertake additional negotiations with the engineer to further
refine the project scope. That additional negotiation was not finalized until late April.
Survey was conducted in July and the preliminary design concepts were developed
in August/September.

Director Evans presented the preliminary designs and talked through a few of the
details about the project to provide the public and Commission and update on the
Discussion regarding the project took place, the Department of Public Works will
continue to move forward and inform the commission as appropriate.
Parks and Rec Reorganization
LeighAnn Mieksell, Interim City Manager, is seeking input on a plan for the new Parks
and Recreation Department.

A team consisting of all four division heads, the clerk, and the parks supervisor have
been discussing how best to organize the new Parks and Recreation Department.
There are interim and future charts showing the proposal for the new department
and the changes to the City Clerk’s office.
Parks and Rec Interim: The new department head position reports to the Public
Works Director, and the new department will include three focus areas.
Recreational programming will include coordination with existing programs until a
new supervisor position can be funded. Special event coordination will fall under the
new department.
Parks and Rec Future: Once a new supervisor is hired and funding is available for
additional staff, the new department will include recreational programming,
neighborhood appearance, special event coordination, as well as city run events.
City Clerk Interim: There are no changes proposed to this department in the interim.
City Clerk Future: Once staff are added to the Parks and Recreation Department,
city run events will be moved to the new department. At this time, the group agrees
that the Farmer’s Market and Western Market should be retained with the City Clerk
into the future.
The leadership team seeks input from the commission on this proposal. Leadership will
work together to determine details, phasing, and timing for implementation.

Discussion took place regarding the Reorganization and leadership staff will continue to
discuss and craft a transition plan.

Public Comment: Public comments were received.

Adjournment: The City of Muskegon Worksession meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                Ann Marie Meisch, MMC – City Clerk

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