City Commission Worksession Minutes 03-12-2007

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                                   City of Muskegon
                             City Commission Worksession
                                    March 12, 2007
                              City Commission Chambers
                                        5:30 PM


Present: Commissioners Spataro, Warmington, Wierengo, Davis, Gawron,
Shepherd, and Carter.
Absent: None.

Introduction of Deniz Tolga
Lee Slaughter, Assistant City Manager, introduced Mr. Deniz Tolga, a resident from the
City of Muskegon’s Sister City, Kepez-Turkey, from March 5th through March 30th,
2007. Mr. Tolga will job shadow individuals within City Hall as well as throughout the

Cable Franchise Agreement
Motion by Commissioner Spataro, seconded by Vice Mayor Gawron that the City
designate the City Manager or “designee” to respond on behalf of the City upon
receipt of the application/notification.

                                                            MOTION PASSES

Outstanding Citizenship Award
The Commission stated their support of the concept of an Outstanding Citizenship Award
program. They asked that the Public Relations Committee draft a budget stating the
proposed cost for the program. They also asked that the Rotary Club be contacted to see
if the association supports the concept and to be sure that the awards would be inclusive
of all citizens.

Lisa Kirksey’s Request
Mrs. Kirksey expressed interest in working along with Muskegon Recreation Center to
enhance programs offered through/at Smith Ryerson Center in honor of her late husband
Reverend Kirsksey.

Mrs. Kirksey requests to pursue grant opportunities to foster the work of Reverend
Kirksey through the building of a Center or enhancement of an existing facility (ie.
Smith-Ryerson Center) that will commemorate Reverend Kirksey’s vision.

The commission voiced their support to Mrs. Kirksey.
Smith-Ryerson Park MDNR Trust Fund Grant Application – public hearing March
27, 2007
The commission approved the preparation of the grant application and public hearing
March 27, 2007.

Recreational Programming and Funding
Lee Slaughter, Assistant City Manager, and Lowell Kirksey, Leisure Services, presented
information regarding recreational programming and funding. It was the consensus of
the board that staff conduct further studies with the school system to share services. It
was also suggested to approach those municipalities who currently share the City of
Muskegon services to contribute to the funding.

Motion by Commissioner Shepherd, seconded by Commissioner Spataro seconded,
to adjourn the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

                                                            MOTION PASSES

                                                          Ann Marie Becker, MMC
                                                                City Clerk

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