City Commission Worksession Minutes 01-12-2009

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                                       City of Muskegon
                                 City Commission Worksession
                                       January 12, 2009
                                  City Commission Chambers
                                            5:30 PM


Present: Commissioners Warmington, Wierengo, Wisneski, Gawron, Carter, Spataro, and
Absent: None.

Update on Milwaukee Clipper Relocation. City Manager
The previous location that was approved by City Commission will not work. A previously
proposed site, the small boat basin at Hartshorn Marina, is now being revisited.

The Commission stated its approval to relocate the Milwaukee Clipper and to move ahead with
the proposal.

The committee will continue to keep the City Manager informed.

Branding. Public Relations
The Public Relations Committee selected several items to sell on an online website supported by
Trophy House.

The Commission expressed its approval, with the clarification that the project shall not cost the
City any money.

City Commission Goal Setting Date. City Manager
The Goal Setting meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 9:00 a.m.

Any Other Business.
A lengthy discussion of Special Assessment policies took place. This item will be placed on the
Legislative Committee agenda for further discussion.

Muskegon Lumberjacks
Motion by Spataro, seconded by Commissioner Carter to authorize advance payment to
Muskegon Lumberjacks up to $50,000 of the 2009-10 arena management fee contingent
upon both parties coming to an agreement on the previously approved transfer of arena
management responsibilities.

                                                                    ROLL CALL VOTE:

Ayes: Spataro, Warmington, Wierengo, Wisneski, Carter, Gawron, and Shepherd.
Nays: None.

                                                                    MOTION PASSES
Motion by Commissioner Carter, seconded by Commissioner Wierengo to adjourn at 7:25

                                                          MOTION PASSES

                                                    Ann Marie Becker, MMC
                                                         City Clerk

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