City Commission Worksession Minutes 07-13-2009

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                                       City of Muskegon
                                 City Commission Worksession
                                         July 13, 2009
                                  City Commission Chambers
                                            5:30 PM


Present: Commissioners Warmington, Carter, Wierengo, Shepherd, Gawron, Wisneski, and
Absent: None.

Deer Herd in Beachwood.
Tony Kleibecker, Public Safety Director, spoke to the DNR regarding deer herd in Beachwood
neighborhood. Several suggestions were given to deter the deer. The Mayor suggested that
residents use the recommended spray, place plantings in the yard that are resistant to deer, and
erect fences around gardens.

Commissioner Carter asked that the information be placed on the city website.

Third Street Promenade.
Gary Post made a presentation to replace three lights with five new street lights at Muskegon
Downtown Development in front of the condominium site. The additional cost of the type of
lighting chosen is $300. The site is willing to pay the extra $300 per year if the City chooses to
approve the request.

Motion by Commissioner Shepherd, seconded by Commissioner Wierengo for the City to
enter into an agreement with the Downtown Muskegon Development Corporation Site
Condominium Group One Association in regards to taking down three and the
replacement of five lights and the association would do the up-charge at the Cities charge
of somewhere between $280 and $300 per unit.

                                                          ROLL CALL VOTE:
Ayes: Spataro, Warmington, Wierengo, Wisneski, Carter, Gawron, and Shepherd.
Nays: None.

                                                                     MOTION PASSES

Trustees of MML Workers’ Compensation Fund.
Motion by Commissioner Spataro, seconded by Vice Mayor Gawron to vote for Larry
Nielsen to serve at trustee on the Michigan Municipal Workers’ Compensation Fund.

                                                                     MOTION PASSES
Any Other Business.
Public participation was accepted.

Motion by Commissioner Carter, seconded by Commissioner Shepherd to adjourn at 6:17

                                                                MOTION PASSES

                                                    Ann Marie Becker, MMC
                                                         City Clerk

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