City Commission Worksession Minutes 03-13-2006

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                          City of Muskegon
                    City Commission Worksession
                           March 13, 2006
                     City Commission Chambers
                              5:30 p.m.


The City Commission Worksession was called to order by Mayor Warmington at
5:32 p.m. Also present were Vice Mayor Gawron, Commissioners Carter, Davis,
Spataro and Wierengo. Commissioner Shepherd was excused.

   1.    Smith Ryerson. (Slaughter)

   Assistant City Manager Lee Slaughter gave an overview to the Commission
   and answered questions. Commission agreed that the city needs to ask for
   Requests for Proposals and enter in to a written agreement for management
   of the Smith Ryerson facility.

   2.     L. C. Walker Arena Management Agreement. (Finance)
   Tim Paul gave an overview to Commission. Tony Lisman passed out material
   to the Commission members on a Club Room concept. Discussion was held
   regarding the management agreement and the club room concept.
   Motion by Spataro, seconded by Wierengo, to direct staff to go forward in
   obtaining architectural bids contingent upon approval of the management
   agreement at Tuesday City Commission Meeting (03-14-06).
   ROLL VOTE:       6 Yeas        0 Nays       Motion Passes
                    (Davis, Carter, Wierengo, Warmington, Gawron, Spataro)

   3.     Point of Sale Inspections. (Mazade)
   City Manager asked Commission for direction on what they wanted staff to
   do. Discussion was held on the positive and negative reasons to continue to
   proceed with this. It was agreed that the City does not have the money to
   hire additional staff and proceed at this time. When funds become available
   to hire additional inspectors this may be put into place.

   4.    Decaying Leaves. (Mazade)
   City Manager gave overview of how this was put on agenda for discussion.
   Discussion was held on staffing and cost concerns that may result if an
   ordinance is adopted as presented. Staff was asked to prepare an ordinance
   and present it to commission for action.
5.     Liquor License Renewals (Kundinger)
City Clerk presented the current outstanding concerns on 26 liquor license
holders in the city. Questions were answered and discussion was held. City
Clerk advised Commission that an updated report would be available to them
at the Tuesday City Commission meeting (03-14-06).

6.     Lifeguard Policy (Slaughter)
Assistant City Manager gave an overview of the policy to the Commission.
Discussion was held on the wording included in the policy.
Motion by Wierengo, seconded by Spataro, to endorse the Lifeguard Policy as
VOTE:     6 Yeas       0 Nays       Motion Passed

7.    Any other business.
City Manager asked the Commission to approve a request from the Memorial
Day Parade organizers to allow a “Fly By” during the parade.
Motion by Carter, seconded by Spataro, to approve the request for a Fly By at
the Memorial Day parade held Downtown.
VOTE:    6 Yeas        0 Nays        Motion Passed

Commissioner Carter was excused at 7:29 p.m.

Discussion was held on the old “Mall site” and status of work.

8.     Adjournment.
The City Commission Worksession was adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail A. Kundinger, MMC
City Clerk

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