City Commission Worksession Minutes 02-13-2006

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                          City of Muskegon
                    City Commission Worksession
                          February 13, 2006
                              5:30 p.m.
                     City Commission Chambers

1.   Point of Sale Inspection Presentation by Regional Inspection LLC. (Davis)

        Pat Hall from Regional Inspection, LLC. Gave a PowerPoint presentation
        on the point of sale inspections and what their organization offers.

2.   Youth Recreation Center – Smith Ryerson Facility. (Matt Kolkema)

        Matt Kolkema and Emilio Trejo gave the commission an overview of their
        request to provide a safe place for young people to go to learn the life
        skills needed to achieve success; where mentors help them develop
        leadership qualities and work ethic and where stewardship and education
        are stressed. Muskegon Recreational Center would like to be located in
        the Smith Ryerson Community Building. City Commission asked staff to
        be prepared to give a report on past uses and recommendation f or future
        uses at the March worksession.

3.   Ferry Terminal Funding. (Mazade)

        City Manager Mazade gave an overview to city commission. Joe Bailey
        also explained the request and answered questions. Manager Mazade
        suggestions options for the commission regarding this request.

4.   GEAR UP Grant Information. (Slaughter)

        Representatives the School District explained to commission their request.
        City Commission gave staff the go ahead on this grant application.

5.   Sale of City owned Duplex/Townhouse at 1174-1184 Wood. (Griffin)

        Wil Griffin explained the details of the purchase of this duplex and that it
        would be two rental units.

6.   News Article “There’s a promising future”. (Wierengo)

        Commissioner Wierengo asked Commission to read this article as a FYI.
7.    Sewer Backup Claim. (Finance)

          Beth Lewis explained the request to the City Commissioners. Bob Kuhn
          also explained to them what he thought was the cause.

          Motion by Carter, seconded by Spataro, to approve the payment of the
          claim as recommended by the Risk Authority.

          Yeas: 6             Nays 0               Motion Passed

8.    DN R Trust Fund Grant Applications. (Mazade)

          Manager Mazade gave commissioners an overview of his request. He
          reported that projects must be selected for the Application and that the
          applications are due in March.

9.    Vehicles for Hire Ordinance. (Kleibecker/Kundinger)

          Clerk Kundinger and Public Safety Director Kleibecker gave commission an
          update of how the ordinance was prepared and that discussions with both
          the Wakefields and owners of the Great Lakes Shuttle were held to get
          their input. Mr. & Mrs. Wakefield asked to have color schemes for taxis as
          part of the ordinance, and after discussion by commission this was not
          added to the proposed ordinance.

10.   Final Amendments to 2005 Budget. (Paul)

          Finance Director Tim Paul reviewed the final amendments with the City

11.   Any other business.

          Manager Mazade asked Commission to review suggested projects for the
          Build Michigan III Funds. A list of those were passed out to members of
          the Commission.

12.   Adjournment.            The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail A. Kundinger, MMC
City Clerk

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