Housing Board of Appeals Minutes 06-05-2014

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                            CITY OF MUSKEGON
                             MEETING MINUTES
                                June 5, 2014
                                  5:30 PM

Chairman G. Borgman called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

ATTENDANCE:         G. Borgman, K. Kolberg, R. Mackie, B. Turnquist, W. Krick, B.

ABSENT:             E. Simmons, excused

STAFF:              H. Mitchell; D. Renkenberger; Chief J. Lewis; K. Briggs, SAFEbuilt

OTHERS:             L. Newman, 2231 Blodgett; M. VanSlooten, 2231 Blodgett; L.
                    Jones, 1780 Jarman


A motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of May 1, 2014 was made by R.
Mackie, supported by B. Turnquist and unanimously approved.

J. Lewis asked that case EN140102 regarding 1961 S Getty Street be removed from the
agenda, as the house has now been demolished.


EN130182 – 1780 Jarman – Linda Jones, 1676 Pine St., Muskegon, MI 49442. Update/
Progress on Timeline. Staff provided board members with a list of permits that had been
obtained since Ms. Jones had owned the property. G. Borgman asked how work was
progressing. L. Jones stated that they had begun hooking up the electricity and had put
up insulation on the exterior of the home. They were now waiting for an inspection on
that, after which she would install the siding. K. Briggs asked that the board require the
siding to be installed within the next 30 days, the house be kept secured, to proceed
with electrical work with inspections so they can install the drywall. The board members
and K. Briggs discussed whether or not Ms. Jones should return in August with an
update or to allow SAFEbuilt to work with her. G. Borgman stated that it was up to the
board. K. Briggs stated that he would work with Ms. Jones to ensure that the siding was
put up within 30 days. B. Turnquist went over the different permits and the owner’s
timeline for repairs for each of item.

A motion that the siding would be installed by the end of June and continue to work with
SAFEbuilt on the other repairs in her timeline and return for the August HBA meeting to

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update the board on her progress, was made by W. Krick, supported by R. Mackie and
unanimously approved.

EN130142 – 1240 Sanford (garage only) – Willie German Jr. et al, 1240 Sanford St.,
Muskegon, MI 49441 – This case was tabled at the May meeting to give the new owner
time to work with SAFEbuilt to determine if they wanted to remove the garage or obtain
the necessary permits to continue with the repairs, and provide a timeline for repairs.
After the notification for this meeting, Mr. German did contact staff, who discussed what
was needed and advised him to contact Kirk Briggs, Building Official with SAFEbuilt.

K. Briggs stated that he had met with the property owner on site to discuss the work that
needed to be done, and had given him until the end of August to get a new roof on and
have the necessary inspections done. He asked that the board require Mr. German to
return for the September meeting if he had not complied with those conditions.

A motion to table this case until the September meeting to give the current owner time
to get the roof on and the necessary inspections completed, was made by B. Arthur,
supported by R. Mackie and unanimously approved.

EN110191 – 1357 7th Street – Julie Spencer, 1085 1st Apt. 2, Muskegon, MI 49440.
Update/Progress on Timeline. The last contact staff had with the applicant was an e-
mail sent May 16, 2014, reminding her of the meeting and what was needed from her.
She was advised to be sure to contact Kirk at SAFEbuilt. At the time of this staff report;
Julie had not contacted Kirk.

K. Briggs stated that he thought Ms. Spencer was working on getting insurance, but it
had been difficult considering the condition of the home and the fact that it was currently
vacant. He stated that the condition of the house was not getting any worse, and the
owner was keeping the taxes up-to-date. Board members discussed whether or not Ms.
Spencer would be able to even get insurance on the house.

A motion to table this case until the July meeting and have Ms. Spencer return to
provide an update, was made by W. Krick, supported by R. Mackie and unanimously

EN140138 – 1153 Pine – Brenda Daniels, 944 E Sextant Rd, Muskegon, MI 49441.
Update (taxes & timeline to repair). At the time of this staff report, the taxes had not
been paid and neither H. Mitchell nor K. Briggs had heard from Ms. Daniels. This case
was tabled at the last meeting, stating that she needed to show proof that taxes had
been paid, and to discuss with Kirk a timeline for the required repairs. The letter sent to
Ms. Daniels stated that these things needed to be done by the June 5 meeting, but she
was not asked to attend the meeting.

G. Borgman asked if the taxes were still outstanding, and if Ms. Daniels had contacted
SAFEbuilt. H. Mitchell stated that the taxes were still delinquent. K. Briggs stated that
Ms. Daniels had contacted SAFEbuilt but had not set up the required timeline/plan for

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A motion to have Ms. Daniels appear at the next meeting to provide board members
with an update on her progress was made by R. Mackie, supported by B. Arthur and
unanimously approved.

EN140063 – 1747 7th – VanSlooten Tree Farms Inc., 870 Jefferson St., Muskegon, MI
49440. Update (repair or removal). Property owner Mr. VanSlooten had met with
SAFEbuilt, but no decision or plan for the building was in place. The 2011 taxes were
redeemed on 3/28/2014, but the 2012 & 2013 taxes are still delinquent.

L. Newman spoke on behalf of her father, Mr. VanSlooten. She stated that he had
recently fallen ill and was unable to attend the meeting. She stated that they were
having trouble finding a company that could do an inspection of the building and provide
an estimate of repairs, but they were finally able to schedule someone to come out to
the property, possibly the next day, and write up a proposal if they were able to get in.
M. VanSlooten stated that they had also been picking up the trash and debris from the
property. L. Newman stated that demolishing the building would be expensive, and they
preferred to make it a viable building they could continue using. G. Borgman asked if
Mr. VanSlooten had spoken to SAFEbuilt. L. Newman stated that she was not sure if
her father had gotten any permits yet. G. Borgman stated that, before any permits were
applied for, a plan of action for the building needed to be completed and agreed on with
SAFEbuilt. W. Krick stated that the building was a danger and it was time to add it to
the demolition list. G. Borgman stated that the board had expected that more would be
accomplished between last month’s and this month’s meetings. K. Briggs stated that Mr.
VanSlooten had come into the SAFEbuilt office and spoken to him, but had not come up
with a plan. They had looked at aerial photos of the property and discussed the
expenses involved in making repairs, including a fire suppression system. K. Briggs
stated that he had made it clear that Mr. VanSlooten must provide a plan before this

A motion to declare the structure substandard, dangerous and a public nuisance was
made by W. Krick, seconded by R. Mackie, and unanimously approved.

B. Turnquist stated that the building was obviously in very poor condition yet nothing
was being done to make any repairs, despite the length of time that had already passed
since the roof caved in. L. Newman stated that they had done some clean-up and had
tried to hire someone to prepare architectural drawings. G. Borgman explained the
process from this point on, and advised Ms. Newman and Ms. VanSlooten to make
progress on the building as was discussed at the May meeting, and show the City
Commission that they were acting in good faith to make the necessary repairs.

Dangerous Building – New Cases

EN140153 – 766 W Southern – Russell Alexander, 776 W Southern, Muskegon, MI
49441. The owner had started to demolish this home on his own, but the permit expired
on March 8, 2014. A Notice & Order was sent on March 26, 2014 with no contact being
made with the property owner. The home as it sits (partially demolished & open to the

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elements over the winter) is a danger, as it is not secured. The 2012 & 2013 property
taxes are delinquent. Photographs of the structure taken by K. Briggs in March of 2014
were provided to board members.

The owner was not present at the meeting. A motion to declare the structure
substandard, dangerous and a public nuisance was made by W. Krick, seconded by K.
Kolberg, and unanimously approved.

Other Business

July meeting date – Staff and board members discussed whether the July meeting
should be cancelled or rescheduled, since the meeting would be the day before the 4th
of July holiday weekend. Board members and staff concurred that staff would discuss it
at their weekly meeting and notify the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

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