Citizens District Council Minutes 06-19-2017

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Citizen’s District Council Meeting
City of Muskegon CDBG
Conference Room 103
Muskegon, Michigan
June 19, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Tom Pastoor at 5:36 pm.

Roll call was taken by Oneata Bailey, and a quorum was present.

     Present:
          Lisa Judge
          Ken Johnson - Commissioner                 Tom Pastoor
          Kim McDonald                               Veania Coleman
          Jeremy Lenertz

     Absent:

     Excused:
          Addie Sanders-Randall
          Kim Burr

     Staff Present:
           Oneata Bailey

Veania Coleman motioned to approve the minutes, from March 7th, 2017; Kim Mc Donald seconded the
motion, which passed unanimously.

       New Vice Chair
        Tom Pastoor explained the role of Vice-Chair and asked if anyone was interested in taking Chris
        Carter’s position since his departure from the board (replaced by Jeremy Lenertz). Ms. Coleman
        responded with an interest but was not comfortable at this time. Voting on the Vice-Chair will be
        tabled until the September meeting.
      Action Plan submission
       Oneata gave an overview/timeline. She stated that HUD’s allocation list of funding for the State
       of Michigan is available now, however, the city has to have an approved budget before we can
       post the Release of Funds Notice with the Environmental Review which is a 15 day notice.
       Given the deadline for submission (August 16) we should be complete and ready to submit the
       Plan by the middle of July and potentially receive approval and funds by the 1st of September.

      Proposed Budget
       Review of the Staff Proposed budget seemed reasonable in light of the fact that the final numbers
       were an increase of $11,480.00. Much discussion about mini-grants and why the city dropped
       their support and only funded Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Muskegon Public Schools and Port
       City Football for a combined $90,000. Because the budget for Youth Recreation is $95,000,
       members suggested a variety of ideas for the uncommitted $5000 but all agreed to support
       Summer Interns with the remaining $5000.

      Youth Recreation Grants
       No youth program considered at this time.


      Summer Meetings
       Mr. Pastoor asked Oneata if there would be any reason to meet during the summer months-
       Oneata replied that it was not necessary to meet because she would be working on submitting the
       2017 Action Plan and working on the Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report
       (CAPER) for 2016. The September meeting would be the next time that the CDC was required
       to meet and review the document prior to its submission. In addition, Oneata brought to the
       board’s attention that the summer meetings fell on a Holiday (4th of July) and a National Event-
       National Night Out (NNO). Kim McDonald asked what NNO was all about because Glenside
       does not participate due to the Concert series at McGraft Park. The group described the events
       held around the country and locally in their neighborhoods, as well as, its purpose- fellowship
       among neighbors within your neighborhood.

      1350 Eastwood Drive
       Oneata described the newest rehabilitation scheduled for CNS. A 5 bedroom, 1 and ¾ bath in
       Sheldon Park.

Tom Pastoor adjourned the meeting at 6:55 pm,

Next Meeting: The next meeting date is: September 5, 2017

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