Planning Commission Minutes 04-15-2021

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                                    CITY OF MUSKEGON
                                  PLANNING COMMISSION
                                    REGULAR MEETING

                                            April 15, 2021

Vice-Chairperson B. Mazade called the meeting to order at 4:02 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:              L. Spataro (Muskegon, MI), B. Mazade (Muskegon, MI), T.
                              Michalski (Muskegon, MI), J. Doyle (Muskegon, MI), E. Hood
                              (Muskegon, MI), J. Montgomery-Keast (Muskegon, MI), S. Gawron
                              (Muskegon, MI), D. Keener (Muskegon, MI), F. Peterson (Muskegon,

MEMBERS ABSENT:               None.

STAFF PRESENT:                M. Franzak, H. Griffith

OTHERS PRESENT:               Via Zoom: A. Harris, 3505 Marina View Point (Muskegon, MI), A.
                              Riegler, 3240 Boltwood Dr (Muskegon, MI).


A motion to approve the Minutes of the special Planning Commission meeting of March 4, 2021 with
the correction to add F. Peterson as present was made by J. Montgomery-Keast, supported by L.
Spataro and unanimously approved.

F. Peterson arrived via Zoom at 4:05 p.m.




Case 2021-09: Request for a minor amendment to the Harbour Towne Planned Unit Development to
expand the deck, bar and stage at 3505 Marina View Point (Dockers). M. Franzak presented the staff
report. Dockers is part of the Harbour Towne Planned Unit Development (PUD). The PUD section
of the ordinance (enclosed) states that incidental or minor changes to a PUD may be approved by the
Planning Commission if the proposed modifications do not alter the basic design or land uses of the
plan. If the Planning Commission determines that the proposed modifications are significant or major,
a public notice and public hearing in accordance with Section 2332 must be conducted prior to
approval or denial. The following modifications to the site plan are proposed: 1) New 117 sf addition
to existing tiki bar. 2) New 2,021 sf outdoor dining deck addition 3) Replace 116 sf stage with new
196 sf stage 4) New 1,297 sf wooden deck to be built over existing 547 sf concrete seating area for
an additional 750 sf. The new deck for “outdoor dining area B” will be 42” high and will have an 8-
foot setback from the side property line. This, and all other proposed additions, meet the required

setback standards. Please see the enclosed site plan. Staff recommends approval of the request as it
meets the original intent of the development.

B. Mazade asked about the improvements that had been made over the past couple of years and if
those items should be included in this request. M. Franzak stated that he would need to look back in
the files. B. Mazade asked if this is in the Critical Dune area and if a Critical Dune permit. M. Franzak
stated that it is not in a Critical Dune area. B. Mazade asked if the parking would be sufficient as it
appears they would be reducing the parking from 180 to 135. M. Franzak stated that they development
has more than what is required. B. Mazade asked if there would be any additional landscaping. M.
Franzak stated that it is not required.

A. Harris elaborated on the site plan and the different changes that are being applied for. In the
summer the Tiki deck gets packed and with the pandemic, this will allow distancing that is needed.
The other deck is covering the existing concrete patio and the proposed deck will be bigger. They had
replaced concrete in the past due to a couple of instances where patrons had fallen. J. Montgomery-
Keast stated she was glad to see they were considering the adjacent neighbors with the proposed
changes. There was discussion on the parking. B. Mazade asked about the bandshell moving closer
to the residents of Harbour Towne. A. Harris stated that they are working on something to help keep
the sound from going over the lake or reflecting off the Dockers building. A. Riegler stated how the
bandshell faces north west and it will be rotated toward the south. The way it faces now is mostly
open area with a fence. Once it is rotated it will use the building to help block some of the sound. B.
Mazade went over some concerns that he heard from residents to the east. He suggested this be a
public hearing so residents would be able to voice any of their concerns and it would be a good way
for transparency. A Riegler stated the property is about 3.1 acres and the proposed changes are within
the useable space that is allowed.

A motion that the request for a minor amendment to the Harbour Towne Planned Unit Development
to expand the deck, bar and stage at 3505 Marina View Point be approved/denied as proposed was
made by J. Montgomery-Keast, supported by J. Doyle and approved with L. Spataro, J. Doyle, E.
Hood, J. Montgomery-Keast, S. Gawron, D. Keener, F. Peterson voting aye and B. Mazade voting

T. Michalski arrived at 4:34 p.m.




Hearing, Case 2021-06: Request to amend Section 2331 of zoning ordinance to allow the following
marihuana related license types at 420 S Harvey St, by Corey Roberts: Recreational class b growing,
processing, retail, designated consumption establishments and special events.

Approved by City Commission. Second reading will be on 4/13.

Hearing, Case 2021-07: Request to rezone 2172 Dowd St, 2184 Dowd St, 2157 Hudson St, 2169
Hudson St and 2171 Hudson St from R-1, Low Density Single Family Residential to Form Based
Code, Urban Residential by Stephen Benedict.

Approved by City Commission.


The Docks and the former Sappi site developments – J. Montgomery-Keast asked if there had been
anything new submitted for either of these sites. M. Franzak stated he has not received anything new.
B. Mazade stated that The Docks owners participated with the Zoom Neighborhood Association
meeting the night before and they have estimated that they would be able to start in 2022.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:36 PM.



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