Historic District Minutes 10-04-2022

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                                         CITY OF MUSKEGON
                                   HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION

                                                October 4, 2022

J. Huss called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:              D. Gregersen, T. Emory, G. Borgman, J. Huss, K. George

MEMBERS ABSENT:               S. Radtke (excused)

STAFF PRESENT:                J. Pesch

OTHERS PRESENT:               D. Mulder and K. Osterhart (593 W. Western); H. Sherman (1347 Peck)


A motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of September 6, 2022 was made by J. Huss, supported by T.
Emory and approved with S. Radtke. D. Gregersen, T. Emory, G. Borgman, and J. Huss voting aye.




Case 2022-32 – 593 W. Western Ave. – New Construction
Applicant: Mulder Western Ave LLC - District: Clay-Western - Current Function: Vacant Lot

The applicant was seeking approval to construct a new three-story mixed-use building with a community room
penthouse level. J. Pesch added that, due to zoning requirements, all storefront entry doors facing W. Western
Avenue would be recessed at least three feet, rather than being flush with the sidewalk (as was shown in the
drawings presented).

The board discussed the neighboring buildings and agreed that the new building, while taller than its neighbors,
still fit in well with the scale of its surroundings. D. Mulder and the board discussed the parking configuration
proposed for the building. The HDC voiced concern with a concept that would involve demolition of a
neighboring building for additional parking, and D. Mulder agreed that such an outcome would not be favorable.

A motion that the HDC approve the request to construct a new three-story mixed-use building with a community
room penthouse level as presented at the October 4, 2022 HDC meeting as long as the work meets all zoning
requirements and the necessary permits are obtained was made by D. Gregersen, supported by T. Emory and
approved with J. Huss, T. Emory, D. Gregersen, G. Borgman, and K. George voting aye.

Case 2022-33 – 1347 Peck St. – Fence
Applicant: Helen Sherman - District: McLaughlin - Current Function: Residential

The board agreed to review a walk-on case regarding a request to install a four-foot-tall chain link fence in the
front and side yards of the property. J. Pesch explained that the fence was proposed to be located in front of the
house along Peck Street and Morrall Avenue. Because HDC local standards only allow chain link fencing in the
rear yard, this fence could not be staff approved.

K. George asked why a chain link fence was the style being proposed. H. Sherman stated that it was more
affordable, could be easily removed, and would not affect the structure of the house. G. Borgman said that he was
concerned that approval of a chain link fence in a front yard would set a precedent. H. Sherman explained that
changing family dynamics were the reason a fence was needed at this time, and mentioned that there was not
enough room in the rear yard to warrant fencing in that area.

The board and applicant discussed alternative styles of fencing that could be approved in the front yard of the
property, including a black aluminum fence. H. Sherman expressed concern with the cost of a black aluminum
fence. D. Gregersen mentioned the possibility of not building the fence all the way out to the property lines along
the street as a means of reducing the fence’s cost. J. Pesch reviewed the fence styles that could be staff approved
and where they could be located on the property. It was determined that the applicant would seek to construct a
fence that complied with the HDC’s local standards and work with staff for HDC approval.


Staff Approval Update #3 – Since the last update in July 2022, staff had approved three projects, those bolded
were discussed with the HDC chairperson prior to approval.

     -   1314 Peck – Removal of defunct chimney

     -   1541 Clinton – Repair damaged siding and trim

     -   1642 Jefferson – Installation of 4’-tall black aluminum fence

Staff and the board discussed various other work that had been completed in the historic districts without HDC
approval and agreed that staff would contact the respective property owners and provide an update at a future


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.


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