Downtown Development Authority Minutes 06-14-2022

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                                    CITY OF MUSKEGON


                               REGULAR MEETING MINUTES

                                         June 14, 2022

The meeting was held in the City Commission Chambers. Chairperson M. Bottomley called the
meeting to order at 10:32 AM and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:              M. Bottomley, J. Riegler, M. Johnson Sr., J. Moore, M. Kleaveland,
                              L. Mikesell, B. Hastings (joined meeting at 10:38am) and J. Wallace

MEMBERS ABSENT:               S. Black, D. Pollock, H. Sytsema (excused)

STAFF PRESENT:                P. Wills, Director of Strategic Initiatives; D. Alexander,
                              Downtown Manager, S. Pulos, Administrative Assistant for
                              Development Services, Ann Meisch, City Clerk and J. Eckholm,
                              Director of Development Services Division.


Motion by L. Mikesell, second by J. Riegler, to approve the regular meeting minutes for May 10,
2022. Voice vote, all approved.


Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Business/EGLE Brownfield Loan-Harbor 31

To determine if EGLE would be interested in providing Brownfield Redevelopment Loan (BRL)
funds for the Viridian Shores at Harbor 31 Redevelopment Project. This issue was a discussion
item at the 5/11/21 DDA-BRA meeting.

Background: There are significant environmental costs associated with redeveloping the
property. These costs total approximately $2,000,000 and relate to the installation of vapor
intrusion mitigation systems beneath proposed structures, construction of engineered barriers to
protect against direct contact exposures, proper management of contaminated soil and
groundwater during construction activities, and associated consultant oversight and reporting.

Over the past year, EGLE, the City, and the developer have discussed the pursuit of an EGLE
Brownfield Loan to offset some of these expenses. The maximum loan request is $1,000,000.

Agenda Item A: Staff is asking the DDA board to review and accept the financial
statement for May 31, 2022.

Staff recommendation: To accept the May 31, 2022 financial statement.

Motion: Motion by J. Riegler, seconded by J. Wallace Jr., to accept the May 31, 2022 financial

Roll Call Vote:
M. Bottomley: Yes            J. Wallace: Yes                J. Riegler: Yes
J. Moore: Yes                M. Kleaveland: Yes             B. Hastings: Yes
M. Johnson Sr: Yes           L. Mikesell: Yes
All in favor, motion passes.

Agenda Item B: Staff is asking the DDA board members to approve a 2022-23 fiscal year
budget that would begin July 1, 2022.

Staff recommendation: Approve the DDA budget for fiscal year 2022-23.

Motion: Made by J. Riegler, seconded by J. Moore, to approve the recommended (amended)
DDA budget for fiscal year 2022-23.

Roll Call Vote:
M. Bottomley: Yes            J. Wallace: Yes                J. Riegler: Yes
J. Moore: Yes                M. Kleaveland: Yes             B. Hastings: Yes
M. Johnson Sr: Yes           L. Mikesell: Yes
All in favor, motion passes.

Agenda Item C: Initial report on Taste of Muskegon/LAF update (Clerk’s Office-Info
289,000 Tickets were used; 225,000 was the amount purchased; $30,000 in sponsorship. Net
profit is yet to be determined. There were 31 restaurants there. The event was a huge success,
there was a lot of diversity in food, music, and the crowd. A lot of the award winners were from
downtown. The Clerk’s office is getting ready for LAF, volunteer spots are still open. They are
projected to make $11,000 in revenue. Tomorrow there is a food truck rally.

Agenda Item D: Staff will provide information on the direction of the limited DDA
marketing and promotion line item for the next fiscal year.

Background: The recommended DDA 2022-23 fiscal year budget has a $25,000 line-item for
marketing and promotion. Staff would use those funds to continue with the downtown website.
There is discussion with the Watch Muskegon 2.0 group to coordinate websites in the next year
that could include downtown and be part of an overall community upgrade. More on that as the
year progresses. I see the DDA having a similar Muskegon County CVB ad in the travel guide
but a reduced presence in the Livability magazine. There could be from $18,000 to $20,000
remaining in the budget after those items are covered. I would suggest continuing to look at way
to collaborate with Watch Muskegon 2.0 next year to coordinate messaging and get a bigger
reach for your dollars. You already have invested $10,000 from this year’s budget on the initial
launch of digital media buys. For next year, staff has explored Gemini Publications (GR
Magazine and Blue) and potential of targeted email and website content. West Michigan
billboards are another potential. The messaging for downtown should be living downtown, social
district, restaurants and culture/arts. Events now post COVID should be on their own for
marketing. Staff recommendations will come as the year progresses looking to leverage DDA
resources as much as possible.



11:43 am

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