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                     Agenda Item Review Form
                         Muskegon City Commission

Commission Meeting Date: April 13, 2021               Title: Muskegon Public Schools

Submitted By: Oneata Bailey                           Department: CNS

Brief Summary: To approve the Muskegon Public Schools Recreation Grant Agreement.

Detailed Summary:

The Muskegon Public Schools Youth Grant provides Core Values and Life Skills to boys and girls
though youth basketball leagues. The program runs 3-4 days a week with Saturday game days
and Open Gym for families on Sunday afternoons.

Amount Requested: $20,000                           Amount Budgeted: $20,000

Fund(s) or Account(s):                               Fund(s) or Account(s):

Recommended Motion:

Approve the Muskegon Public Schools Youth Recreation Grant Agreement.

Check if the following Departments need to approve the item first:
Police Dept.  D
Fire Dept.   D
IT Dept. □

For City Clerk Use Only:
Commission Action:
                      2020 City of Muskegon Youth Recreation Grant
                                    Application Criteria
                                                                          Applicant: _ _ _ _ _ _ __
                                                                          Date Received: - - - - - -

Sponsor:        City of Muskegon CNS Department

Deadline:       July 12, 2020

Purpose:         Integral to the City of Muskegon ("City") Mission Statement is to "Foster Opportunities
for City Youth". To help ensure this mission is carried out, the City is offering grants to non-profit
institutions, neighborhood groups, religious organizations, and sports leagues to provide recreational
opportunities to City youth. Organizations seeking funding should have a specific program that directly
impacts the ability of the youth in the City to access recreational activities. Grants may be used for specific
programs being created or expanded or for scholarships to low-income youth who otherwise may not be
able to paiticipate (e.g., a sport league fee and/or uniform cost). Grants are not awarded to support ongoing
general, operating, or administrative expenses. Grants are not awarded to organizations whose
projects/activities primarily serve their congregation or existing membership. Recipients are required
to incorporate Core Values/Life Skill Training* into their programming. A training program will
be offered for grant recipients at a date to be announced in the future. If your program already
includes a Core Values/Life Skill Training aspect and you prefer not to attend the City training
session, please indicate which program and training module your program uses.

Eligibility:   To be considered for funding, an applicant must be a nonprofit organization, tax-exempt
public school or tax-exempt public agency or religious institution.

Geographic Area:         City of Muskegon.

Amount of Funding:       $_20,000_ _

Application Process: Complete the application and return by mail to: CNS Department 933 Terrace
Street, P.O. Box 536, Muskegon, MI 49443-0536 or e-mail to [email protected]. Attach
additional pages for information, if needed.

For more information contact Oneata Bailey at 231-724-6717.

Grant applications will be evaluated. Applicants will be notified as to whether or not they will receive a
grant by July 26, 2020.

* Core Values/Life Skill Training- The City is requesting that you incorporate these training lessons into
your program. These lessons are basic life skills that instill certain core values that every productive
individual needs in order to lead a successful and contributing life. These values or skills include building
self-esteem, problem solving and decision making, and dealing appropriately with anger and abusive
behavior. In an effort to ensure all grant recipients have the tools necessary to include these values and
skills into their programming, the City of Muskegon will offer a training workshop at a date and time to
be announced in the future.
               City of Muskegon Youth Recreation Grant - 2020 Application

I. Project /Agency Information

   Project Name:       _ _Muskegon Youth Basketball League_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

   Agency Name:        _ _20th Century _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

   Address of Agency:          _   80 W. Southern Ave. Muskegon, MI 49440_ _ _ _ _ __

    Purpose of Grant:            To help fund the youth basketball league for young boys and girls in
the Muskegon area. Also. we try to run an open gym for a couple of weeks out of the year to give the
youth a safe environment to play basketball in the Fall and Spring.

   Requesting funds for:           The requested funds will help us buy uniforms. medals. First Aid kits
and other equipment needed to run the practices and games for the MYBL. It will also help to pay the
support staff. referees and custodial services needed to run the league.

II. Grant Contact Please provide information on the Primary Contact for this grant request.

       Contact Name:           _Louis Murray & Josh Wall

       Contact Phone:          _(231)327-1800 I (231)327-0325

        Contact E-Mail:            [email protected] / [email protected]

III. Program Information Please indicate the area(s) of the City that this program/activity will
   The MYBL will service kids from all over the Muskegon area. In the past we've had kids from
Muskegon, N. Muskegon, Norton Shores, Muskegon Heights and Ravenna. _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __

    Amount Requested:          $_20,000.00_ Total Project Cost:        $_ _ _ _ __

    Other funds anticipated (grants, donations, fundraising): _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

    Proposed Start Date: January 2021          Proposed End Date: June 2021

    How many participants do you expect? -=--30-=--0=----_What age group? 5-12yrs

    Description: Provide a general description of your project or activity, including the services you
will provide, how often you will provide them, and when and where you will provide these services.
Include a statement describing the end result you are working towards (use an additional sheet of paper,
if necessary).

The Muskegon Youth Basketball League is excited to provide and promote safe recreational basketball
programs year round for kids and families of all ages. We look to offer seasonal 8 week basketball leagues
for boys and girls with each team practicing 3-4 days per week. Gamedays will be held on Saturday. and
open gym for families will be held on Sunday from 1-5pm. At Muskegon High School
Project Goals & Objectives: Enter a description of your project goals and objectives. Please include
information on how these will be measured.

Muskegon Public Schools mission is to provide the best for every child every day! Our goal is to promote our
fundamental core values of respect, physical fitness, integrity and sportsmanship by providing a safe,
welcoming environment through weekly activities and weekend events. The MYBL & MPS 21st CCLC
Department, event staff, and coaches partnered ve1y closely with the building principals, dean of students, and
teachers of each participating school building to ensure that all student athletes are meeting behavior &
academic expectations outlined by their respective schools and school districts. Each participating coach is
required to undergo a background check and CPR training. Each week teams practice 3-4 days to ensure they
are staying active and physically fit. In addition to the open gym events that were held on Sunday afternoons,
all league games were held on Satmday mornings/afternoons. On the final day of the league, all players will
be awarded with a pizza party and given a medal for their participation and a celebration of sportsmanship.

Core Values/Life Skills: Discuss how you plan to incorporate these values and skills into your program
(it is not necessary to have an entire plan outlined- you will learn how to do this at the Workshop, if you
do not already have a program that includes these values and skills). Indicate whether you will attend the
Workshop offered by the City (and how many people will attend), or if you have your own training that
is already incorporated into your program.

This is the MYBL third year in existence. Om fundamental Core Values of respect, physical fitness,
integrity and sportsmanship were incorporated throughout om program from stait to finish. Focusing on
respect and integrity not only helped our program, but it also helped the overall development of our youth.
Partnering with various staff members including coaches, principals, deans, teachers, and event staff was key
in incorporating integrity and respect as it allowed each child to be upheld to the same level of standards no
matter where they were. Although all of om core values are important, physical fitness was encouraged
around the clock as players were running back and fomth down the comt an average of 5 days per week.
Each team practiced 3 days per week, as well participated on gameday which was Saturday, and open gym
which was held on Sunday. All players were continuously commended for their outstanding sportsmanship
and as a final gesture, they were awarded with a Pizza party and a recognition medal. Watching the Core
Values shine through each child was the greatest moment of all.

Will you be attending the workshop? Yes_ _ No __K___ If yes, how many? _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Partners: List other organizations or partners participating in the project and their roles.

The SportHouse Athletic Center will provide practice time, gym space and staff support.

Optional: Please attach additional files that support this application, such as brochures, photos,
past reports.
V.     Financial Information. Briefly explain the governance of yom organization and the controls
       that are in place to ensure financial accountability.   The three program directors check the
       budget weekly and we receive a monthly financial report that keeps us up to date on the budget.
       Before a purchase is made or an invoice is sent in all 3 directors must sign off on it.

                              Total Project          Funds Requested
                              Expenses**             from City              Notes*

Expenses (identify specifics)--

       Equipment              $_4,490.35             $                      Jerseys, T Shirts, Balls

       Supplies               $- 1,496.79            $                      Medals, First Aid Kits

       Wages                   $- 15,860.97_         $                      Staff, Referees & EnviroClean Janitorial

       Insurance               $                     $

       Marketing/PR               $                  $

       Printing                   $                  $

        Other                     $-   1,271.06_ _   $

TOT AL EXPENSES                   $_23,119.17_ _ $

      Grants                      $_20,000.00        $

        Fundraising               $_3,145.00         $

        In-Kind                   $                  $

        Other                     $                  $

TOTAL REVENUE                     $_23,145.00_ _     $

*Enter brief notes about expenses in this column.

**Include total project budget for your program, including the City grant request and any otherfimds
you expect to have (other grants, fimdraisers, membership dues, etc.)
                        CITY OF MUSKEGON

        This is a Contract, effective April 13 th , 2021, for the management of "Youth Basketball League
and Open Gym" ("Programs") programs, made between the City of Muskegon, a Michigan municipal
corporation, of 933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, Michigan 49440 ("City") and Muskegon Public Schools,
349 Webster Ave., Muskegon, MI 49440 ("Manager").

Therefore, the parties agree as follows:

        I. Management; Ope                         · · T--,.,._,,,,...,,,,,nt~. The Manager agrees to perform
   acts and assume all res                                                         on of the Programs. The
   Manager's responsibilitiei                                                      of program sites, including
   staff oversight, supplies a

       2. Expenses. The N                                                         1rring any cost of default or
             penalties, all exJ                                                   · any, and costs of any kind
             necessary or rel,                                                    ilities as Manager.

        3. ··Manager; Agen!                                                       sibilities set fo1th above, and
             all incidental or                                                    all pay all the said expenses
             and costs, all 01

       4. Level of Perfor                                                       mance and assumption of the
             responsi b ili ti es                                               i out and performed to the
             satisfaction of uv va;,   ... ··- _

        5. Participants. It is the intent of the City that the Programs are open to all youth, ages 6- 12

        9:   Reports. The Manager shall provide the City with a mid-tenn, and final report, detailing all
             income and expenditures and program activities. Manager shall also provide the City with a
             copy of the participant log at the conclusion of the program year.

       7. Management Fee. For its management of the programs, the Manager shall be paid $20
          · The funds shall be allocated as follows:
               $20,000.00 - Youth Basketball League and Open Gym

             The said management fee shall be the sole compensation to the Manager, and Manager shall
             pay all the expenses contemplated by this Contract without further payments from the City,
8. Term. The-term of this Contract shall be one (1) year from the effective date, provided that
    either party may terminate this Contract without cause, effective upon 60 days written notice
    to the other party.

9. Assignment. The Manager may not assign this Contract without prior approval of the City.
    Any attempted assignment or change in entity of the Manager shall constitute a violation of
    this Contract and cause immediate termination in the City's discretion.

·10. Hold Harmless and Indemnity. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Manager agrees to
    defend, pay in behalf of, indemnify, and hold harmless the City, its elected and appointed
    officials, employees and volunteers and others working in behalf of it against any and all
    claims, demands, suits, or loss, including all costs connected therewith, and for any damages
    which may be assessed, claimed or recovered against or from the City, its elected and
    appointed officials, employees, volunteers or others working in behalf of it, by reason of
    personal injury, including bodily injury and death and/or property damage, including loss of
    use thereof, which arises out of or is in any way connected or associated with this Contract.

_11. No Third Party Beneficiary. This Contract shall benefit only the paiiies to this Contract, and
    not any third party.

12. Notices, All notices, approvals, consents and other communications required under this
    Contract shall be in writing and, except when receipt is required to start the running of a
    period of time, shall be deemed given; (i) when delivered in person; (ii) when sent by
    telephone facsimile or e-mail, (the sender shall also mail or send a "hard copy" following
    the facsimile

      or e-mail, however, the notice shall be effective upon the transmission of the facsimile ore-

     mail); (iii) one ( 1) day after depositing in the custody of a nationally-recognized receipted
     overnight delivery service with delivery fees prepaid; or, (iv) two (2) days after posting in
     the United States Mail, first-class. Notices shall be sent to the parties at their address stated

                                       Matthew T. Cortez, Superintendent

                                       Stephen J. Gawron, Mayor

               vvi a1~ i , ;w~ i

             B~~~A                     Ann Marie Meisch, City Clerk MMC

             Dated   VV\~ /_,,, d;J}

.... .
<   :~·~ ~

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