Approved Agreements and Contracts Extension of Temporary Employment Services Agreement 01-12-21

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                     Agenda Item Review Form
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                           Muskegon City Commission

Commission Meeting Date: 1/12/2021                    Title: Extension of Temporary Employment
                                                      Services Agreement

Submitted By: Dwana Thompson                          Department: EEO & Employee Relations

Brief Summary: To approve a one-year contract extension with GoodTemps Temporary Staffing
Services, Inc. for temporary and seasonal employment services. The current agreement expired
on December 31, 2020

Detailed Summary:

Amount Requested : Cost of services are              Amount Budgeted: None
budgeted by individual departments

Fund(s) or Account(s):                               Fund(s) or Account(s):

Recommended Motion: To approve the agreement with GoodTemps Temporary Staffing Services,
Inc. and authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to sign the agreement extension.

Check if the following Departments need to approve the item first:
Police Dept.  D
Fire Dept.   D
IT Dept. □

For City Clerk Use Only:
Commission Action:
Affirmative Action
(23 I )724-6703
FAX (231)722-1214

Equalization Co.
(231 )724-6386
FAX (231)724-1129

FAX (231)724-4188                                        West Michigan's Shoreline Cicy
City Manager
FAX (231)722-1214
                          December 7, 2020
(231 )724-6705            GoodTemps Temporary Staffing Services
FAX (231)724-4178         271 East Apple Avenue
Comm. & Neigh.            Muskegon, Ml 49442
FAX (231)726-2501
                          Re: Temporary Staffing Services Agreement between the City of Muskegon and GoodTemps Temporary
                          Staffing Services
Computer Info.
                          Dear Ms. Hoyer:
FAX (231)722-4301
                          The City of Muskegon hereby requests that the Agreement be extended for the period of January I, 2021-
Engineering               December 31, 2021. The proposed budget for the extension period will be as listed in the previous contract
(231 )724-6707
FAX (231)727-6904         with the exception of the arena staff may be provided via a separate third-party (like the lumbe1jacks) at the
                          discretion of the city. We have agreed this be taken into consideration with this extension.
(231 )724-67 i 3
FAX (231)726-2325         This modification is requested for the following reason(s):
Fire Department                      •   The City of Muskegon utilizes a contract workforce for Public Services Division (Parks,
FAX (231 )724-6985                       Cemete1y, Highway, and Marina Deprutments), the Public Safety Depattment, the Farmers Market,
                                         and the Arena. The extension proposes to request approximately 75-100 full and pmt-time
Human Resources                          employees. Services include conh·act laborers for seasonal projects as well as long term, part-
Co. (Civil Service)
(231 )724-6442                           time positions, and adminish·ative and tempora1y office help on an as-needed basis.
FAX (231 )724-6840                   •   The City intends to solicit bids for a new conh·act in the fall of 2021.
Income Tax
                                     •   The City of Muskegon is an AA/EEO/ADA Employer.
(231 )724-6770
FAX (231)724-6768         Thank you for your consideration of this request.
Mayor's Office
(231)724-6701 ·           City
FAX (231)722-1214

                          Date:     ff I d:
(231 )724-6702            CITYOFMUS
FAX (231)724-6790

Police Department
(231 )724-6750
FAX (231 )722-5140
Public Works

FAX (231 )722-4188
                                     Ann Meisch, MMC City Clerk
(231)724-6715             Contractor
FAX (231)728-4371
                          Date: /   Z./ / l>   ,2020

FAX (231)724-6768

Water Billing             B'r.;J{ ~t<._. ./h, ~
(231)724-6718              v     eanette Hoyer, President & e'EO
FAX (231)724-6768

Water Filtration
/'l1 1 \7'lA . A I /If.                                                          536, Muskegon, MI 49443-0536

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