Housing Survey

Muskegon Housing Survey

Residents, commuters and employers throughout Muskegon County can help Bowen National Research conduct a five-year housing needs assessment for Muskegon by taking an online survey. Survey participants will be asked about their current living situation whether they live in the City of Muskegon or commute here for work or live elsewhere. The 10-minute survey will explore current perceptions and future community housing needs.

Surveys are available below for the following: Resident/Commuter, Employer and Stakeholder. Surveys must be completed by Dec. 31, 2022.

Muskegon County Resident or Commuter Survey

Muskegon County Employer Survey

Muskegon County Stakeholder Survey

Bowen will use the survey results in conjunction with housing data such as the number of units, type of units, price points and other trends in the local market. The study results and recommendations provided the community later in 2023 will be used by city policymakers to identify and implement local solutions to an ongoing national housing crisis.

Help Us Reach More People

If you would like a printed PDF, have time to volunteer, or have a group you would like us to present to please contact the Community Engagement Manager (231-724-6774).

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