Muskegon is a Great Place to Retire

December 6, 2009

communityOne of the best kept secrets about West Michigan is that it is among the most “retirement friendly” locales in the U.S. Low taxes and housing costs, excellent healthcare and transportation, and generally moderate living costs combine to make West Michigan a place where retirees living on fixed income pensions and social security can get the most for their money!

Michigan is a tax haven for retirees. In fact, among the 43 states with income taxes, Michigan exempts more retiree income than any other. – Detroit Free Press (December 6, 2009)

Learn more about the many benefits of retiring in Muskegon at Michigan Retirement.

retirementIn Muskegon, the potential for great retirement living is even better. Several areas in Muskegon are designated as Renaissance Zones. Living in these zones means you pay virtually no state or local taxes. These tax savings add up to thousands of dollars per year and can be a big factor in improving quality of life in retirement. Consider retiring to a Great Lakes community where waterfront living is actually affordable! For more information and details about how Muskegon can fit into your retirement plans, check out Michigan Retirement.