PRESS RELEASE – July 8 – 2014

July 8, 2014


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Date: July 8, 2014
Contact: City Clerk’s Office 231-724-6705


Proposed Millage Increase to be Decided by Voters in November Election

On Tuesday, June 24, 2014 the City Commission adopted a resolution asking voters to decide if the City’s
authorized millage shall increase from 10 mills to 14 mills on the November ballot. The resolution has been
sent to the Governor’s and Attorney General’s Office for review and approval of the language. Once approval
has been received, the language is submitted to the City and County Clerk’s Office to be placed on the ballot.

State law allows voters to establish a millage rate up to 20 mills to be used for municipal purposes. Currently
the City Commission is allowed to levy up to 10 mills; the proposed ballot language, if passed, would allow the
City Commission to levy up to 14 mills.

The proposed language states:

“State law permits the electorate to establish a charter limitation of 20 mills on the City’s annual levy for
municipal purposes. Currently, the City’s annual levy is limited to 10 mills. This proposal would increase the
maximum levy allowed to 14 mills to be used for municipal purposes, including but not limited to road
maintenance and repair. Shall Section 7 of Article XI of the City Charter be adopted to authorize the levy of up
to 14 mills on real and personal property in the City commencing December 1, 2014?”

Due to the limitations that the State Attorney General’s Office places on ballot language, the City Commission
was required to include the language “to be used for municipal purposes” on the ballot.

If the proposed millage passes, the City Commission will revise the current budget to allocate revenue
specifically for street-related infrastructure and maintenance, like street resurfacing, street reconstruction,
curbing, storm sewers, sidewalks, and street lighting.

The City Commission is committed to using these funds specifically to address our street-related needs. A
resolution will be presented to the City Commission detailing how any additional funding, if granted by the
voters, will be used towards street resurfacing, street reconstruction, curbing, storm sewers, sidewalks, and
street lighting. While future Commissions will not be legally bound to keep those promises, they are
accountable to the electorate. Voters will keep Commissioners accountable by voting on Election Day.