Request For Qualifications For Developers To Carry Out Scattered-Site Single-Family Construction Activities

August 11, 2021


The City of Muskegon(“City”) invites qualified for-profit and/or nonprofit developers (“Developers”) with extensive experience in single-family real estate construction to submit their qualifications for the City’s Scattered-Site Housing Construction Program (“Program”). The City has allocated American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds totaling $5,000,000 to address the need for new housing in our community. The City will utilize these funds to help finance developers to construct market-rate single-family housing throughout our city on a 1 to 1 basis, providing 50% of the construction costs to the developer. 50% of the properties must be sold to homeowners earning less than 125% of the Area Median Income (AMI), as calculated for Muskegon County by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority effective April 1, 2021. Each Developer selected will be required to enter into a Development Agreement with the City. A sample agreement is included as Attachment A as background information; the final form may differ. The City is requesting potential Developers to provide the following services:

  • Acquisition of vacant residential lots
  • Surveying and grading of building sites
  • Construction of new residential buildings
  • Asset management of sites during the development period
  • Sales of constructed homes to eligible households
  • Other eligible activity, as approved by the City

Respondents should transmit their submissions in hard copy only by U.S. Mail, express delivery or hand delivery to the following address by 3:00 PM August 31, 2021:

933 Terrace Street
City Clerk’s Office
Muskegon, MI 49440

The number of Developers selected to participate in the program will be based upon available funding, capacity and qualifications of Developers, and volume of available properties.

Respondents will be notified of the City’s action on proposals within approximately 10 days of the submission deadline.

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