RFP Environmental Mowing, Trash and Brush Contract Bids

April 25, 2019

Request for Proposal

Environmental Mowing, Trash and Brush Contract Bids

The city of Muskegon is requesting fee proposals for mowing, trash and brush clean up on both private and public properties throughout the City of Muskegon.

The city requests that bids are received from companies or other agencies with the ability and interest in providing these services with the required equipment list for an average of 2,500 work orders per year. An on-site inspection of equipment may be required.

The contract period will be for a three (3) year limit and may be extend one (1) year upon mutual agreement from both parties with a 60 day notice before expiration of contract. Minimum bids start at $49/hr for all trash/brush pick up and tractor mowing and $40/hr hand mowing. A copy of the contract has been enclosed.

Sealed bids for this contract must be received no later than 2:00 PM to the City of Muskegon clerk’s office located in city hall by Tuesday, April 30th 2019.  The City of Muskegon reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and only award a contract if it is in the best interest of the board to do so.

Scope of Work

Contractor shall perform the services set forth in this contract in a timely, workman-like manner.

  • Contractor shall mow all grass, weeds and brush including moving around all obstacles, up to three inches (3″) in diameter, leaving no ridges of high or uncut grass.
  • Trimming/Cutting/Raking. Contractor shall trim all bushes and unsightly branches, cut large tree limbs that have fallen or logs, rake and remove heavy concentrations of yard clippings, small debris and fallen leaves and/or branches. Contractor shall clear sidewalk of debris and clippings as needed.
  • Garbage, debris and waste removal. Contractor shall pick up and remove all garbage, rubbish, debris, trash and waste materials, including but not limited to cans, bottles, loose papers, dead tree limbs, grass and brush clippings, abandoned/broken/unused household appliances, furniture, and other like items.
  1. Required Equipment
    • Three (3) trucks for 2-man hand mow crews
    • Six (6) Push mowers
    • Six (8) Weed trimmers
    • Two (2) tractors with a 60” brush hog mower with a mower deck of a minimum five feet (5′) diameter for each.
    • Two (2) heavy duty trucks with trailers. Minimum size: 10 yards with a 4,000 lb. capacity.
    • Two (2) Zero turn riding mowers
    • Chain saws
    • Hand tools, including rakes, brooms, wheel barrels, shovels, pitch forks, and other tools as deemed appropriate for the job site.
    • Eight (8) Digital cameras, minimum 3-megapixel resolution with automatic time and dating capacity.
    • Eight (8) whiteboard signs with ability to measure 6” to show proof of work and grass height.
    • Online database for required pictures, job status updating and receiving work orders.
    • Alternative equipment may be proposed for use but requires The City of Muskegon approval prior to use.


Contract Price Proposal

This proposal is for clean up and transportation labor based upon each individual clean-up assessment. Minimum bids start at $49/hr trash/brush pick up and tractor mow and $40/hr hand mow.

Position Description              1-Year Bid       2-Year Bid       3-YearBid     Possible 4-Year Bid

Trash Pickup                           $_______/hr   $_______/hr   $_______/hr            $_______/hr

Tractor Mowing                     $_______/hr   $_______/hr   $_______/hr            $_______/hr

Zero Turn Mowing                 $_______/hr   $_______/hr   $_______/hr            $_______/hr

Hand Mowing                         $_______/hr   $_______/hr   $_______/hr            $_______/hr

Terrace/24 Hr Pickup             $_______/hr   $_______/hr   $_______/hr            $_______/hr

Leaf/Brush                              $_______/hr   $_______/hr   $_______/hr            $_______/hr


2019 Agreement for Contracted Services[PDF]