The City of Muskegon’s redeveloped website improves public outreach

November 10, 2022

MUSKEGON, MI (Nov. 3, 2022) – The City of Muskegon is proud to unveil a new, dynamic website to better engage with citizens and businesses in the city and beyond.

The website – found at – is now live, providing online visitors a more modern look, fresher information and more opportunity going forward to engage with city officials and on issues that matter to city residents, businesses and visitors.

Mayor Ken Johnson, the Muskegon City Commission and city management have established better communications and community engagement as a key city goal. The new website is one way in which the city will better connect to all of the community.

Website visitors are able to pay city bills, submit forms, seek information on doing business in or with the city and much more. Functions are easier to access than the previous website.

In the future, city officials hope to create new ways for the city to communicate with citizens and for citizens to engage with elected officials and city employees. The website offers the opportunity to create a “Connect Muskegon” page to upgrade information on city projects, proposals, events and initiatives and seek feedback.

Redevelopment of the city’s website was a collaborative effort of city departments working with Envigor, a West Michigan website development company, in conjunction with the city’s Information Technology Department.


For more information, contact:
Peter Wills, Director of Strategic Initiatives
[email protected]