City of Muskegon Planning Department seeks citizen review of master plan draft

March 15, 2023

MUSKEGON, MI (March 15, 2023) – Over the past few years, the work of city planning staff and citizen engagement has resulted in a draft of the Muskegon Master Plan Update. Now is the time for citizen input and feedback on the draft.

The city planning staff will hold a series of five neighborhood meetings, grouped by geography, to explore the details of the plan as it relates to each of the city’s neighborhoods. These meetings are scheduled from Thursday, March 16 through Thursday, March 23.  The master plan is a document used by the city to inform the zoning ordinance as it relates to land use and public infrastructure. It is a plan that looks 20 years into the future and is reviewed every five years.

The last major comprehensive Muskegon Master Plan was in 1997. This major update, in development since 2019, addresses the key topics of transportation and mobility; natural features, recreation and entertainment; large scale economic development; and housing and neighborhoods.

The neighborhood engagement sessions are:

Neighborhood Group 1 — East Muskegon, Oakview, Sheldon Park | Thursday, March 16, 5:30-7 pm at First Wesleyan Church of Muskegon, 1040 E. Forest

Neighborhood Group 2 — Marquette, Steele, Uncategorized Area | Monday, March 20, 5:30-7 pm at Muskegon Community College Room 2324 in the Stevenson Center, 221 Quarterline Rd.

Neighborhood Group 3 — Jackson Hill, Angell, McLaughlin, Nelson | Tuesday, March 21, 5:30-7 pm at Angell Community Church, 446 Ada

Neighborhood Group 4 — Campbell Field, Nims, Marsh Field | Wednesday, March 22, 5:30-7 pm at Fire Station No. 4, 1836 Robinson

Neighborhood Group 5 — Glenside, Lakeside, Beachwood-Bluffton | Thursday, March 23, 5:30-7 pm at McGraft Community Building, 2204 Wickham.

Those unable to attend the scheduled meetings are welcome to engage city planning staff at mobile office hours – Monday, March 27, 9-11 a.m. at Ryke’s Bakery, 1788 Terrace or Tuesday, March 28, 8-10 a.m. at Aldea Coffee, 794 Pine Street.

For more information contact:
Deborah Santiago Sweet
[email protected]