Neighborhood Policing Unit

The Muskegon Police Department has Neighborhood Officers assigned to each of the fifteen neighborhood association areas within the City of Muskegon. These officers are dedicated to community policing and working in partnership with residents to address the most pressing concerns of their neighborhoods. They provide crime prevention training for residents and students to take part in. They also participate in many community events designed to increase positive interaction between the police and the community. The Muskegon Police Department also works with residents and businesses on quality of life issues and may bring in or refer issues to other agencies as needed.

Learn more about your Neighborhood Officer by selecting the neighborhood or position below.

Angell Officer
Beachwood-Bluffton Officer
Campbell Field Officer
Downtown Officer
East Muskegon Officer
Glenside Officer
Jackson Hill Officer
Lakeside Officer
Marquette Officer
Marsh Field Officer
McLaughlin Officer
Nelson Officer
Nims Officer
Oakview Officer
Sheldon Park Officer
Steele Officer
Neighborhood Policing Unit Supervisor