2008 Downtown and Lakeshore Redevelopment Plan

At the time of this plan’s adoption, the City of Muskegon Master Land Use Plan had last been updated in 1997. The Downtown/Lakeshore Redevelopment Plan is an element of that broader document. While the Master Plan was extensive and included a clear policy framework for the future, it was overdue for its state-mandated five-year review and update. In addition, the City’s Downtown and lakefront areas had received much attention for ongoing and potential redevelopment activities and opportunities. The successful Imagine Muskegon! Community Design Workshop completed in 2003 confirmed the public’s interest in the Downtown area.

The fundamental purpose of the Downtown/Lakeshore redevelopment plan was to aid in advancing the redevelopment and improvement of the Downtown and lakeshore areas and the Lakeside Business District. This Plan summarized key trends and provided a further expression of policies, goals, and objectives. Its primary focus was on implementation while remaining consistent with the overall policy direction of previous planning and design efforts.

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