In an effort to beautify neighborhoods and raise the maintenance standard, an Adopt-a-Lot Program was established in 2015 in collaboration with the City of Muskegon Police Chief and Nelson Neighborhood Improvement Association.

In 2018, the City Manager created the Neighborhood Empowerment Grant Program (NEP). NEP is a three-tier grant program with program funds available to each Neighborhood Association. The program funds include either a Neighborhood Grant, an Enhanced Grant, or an Earned Grant. Adopt-a-Lot was built into the NEP under the Earned Grant portion. The program offers a stipend to active neighborhood associations to care for more than 300 publicly-owned orphan parcels—acquired through county or state tax sales or DNR surplus throughout the City of Muskegon.

If interested in participating in the Adopt-a-Lot Program, please contact your City of Muskegon Neighborhood Association Board Members.

Available Lots by Neighborhood

To view the available lots by neighborhood, click the links below and download and view each PDF.

Please be aware that the availability of lots change periodically and are reflected in updated lot maps. Additional information can be found by calling the Planning Department at (231) 724-6702.