Snow_Ice_FAQ_2023The Highway Department is responsible for 200 miles of road, 525 alleys, 3,164 streetlights, and 22,000 traffic signs in the City.  Please use the resources provided to the left and contact us with any other needs or requests.

City of Muskegon 2022 Transportation Asset Management Plan

Snow Plowing Routes

The city’s snow plan focuses on keeping traffic moving and especially makes sure our first responders can assist the public.

Your local taxes are helping to provide the necessary snow removal equipment to clean 195 miles of local roads. Last season, the city spent about $750,000 on plowing operations—roughly $19 per resident.

City crews are working around the clock and need plenty of room to operate. The trucks travel slowly to plow the most snow possible and they have difficulty seeing motorists due to blind spots. So please give them enough room to plow.

Please know the city clears roads in this order:

  1. Priority One routes— major roads that provide access to emergency services (police/fire stations, hospitals, etc.) are treated first. All efforts will be made to keep them open and maintained, which often means running the routes repeatedly to ensure they remain passable. Priority One Route Street Examples: Sherman Blvd, Getty St, Seaway Drive
  2. Priority Two routes— roads that allow access to schools, nursing homes, city recreation facilities, and neighborhoods are plowed second. Based on a storm’s severity, these routes will be kept open and maintained, if possible, during a snowstorm. Priority Two Route Street Examples: Barclay, Wood, and McCracken
  3. Priority Three routes—neighborhood streets that connect to more active roadways located in less populated areas of the city and are plowed as resources allow, but only after the Priority One and Two routes are clear. The city is broken into seven districts and each sector has a crew that goes out at the same time. Each district takes a minimum of six to eight hours to completely clear the roads of snow. Priority Three Route Street Examples: Austin St, Ridge Ave, and Hamilton Ave


Contact the Public Works Engineering Division

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    Amy Behler

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