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You can now view and pay your property tax information at no charge by creating a free account through BS&A Online. BS&A Online is a collection of municipal services that provides instant and convenient access to various kinds of important information held at your local government.

If you are not the current property owner, you can also access tax information for a nominal fee through BS&A Online.

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Need helping creating your BS&A Online account or logging in? Please call 1 (855) 272-7638 and ask for the IT Department, or email: [email protected].

Payment Processing Fees

Please keep in mind that while it’s free to create a BS&A Online account to view and pay your property tax bills, you will be charged a 2.8% payment processing fee per transaction. The City of Muskegon does not use taxpayer revenue to pay for an individual’s choice to use this service but requires the individual to pay for their option to use this service.