2019 Rental Housing Study

One of the most impactful economic indicators in West Michigan over the past decade has been housing. Most recently, a substantial housing shortage has proven to be a hindrance to growth for some of the most affluent markets in our region.

Still, as the City of Muskegon continues to set the pace in the county for growth and development, it is important that this buildout is strategic and mission-driven. As the Downtown and other commercial corridors grow and offer more amenities for residents and visitors, a variety of housing options are needed in order to ensure that all stakeholders have proximal access to these attractive community features.

Muskegon has a significant rental housing stock, with many multi-family housing complexes in operation in the City limits. As a new market rate has been established in the Downtown corridor, discussions surrounding affordability, gentrification, and housing equity have been prominent in community forums, public meetings, and popular online community message boards.

This study focuses solely on apartment complexes that are open to the public (i.e. not supportive adult foster care or mandated/remanded housing), exceed 12 units, and are within the administrative limits of the City of Muskegon. The study posed several questions against the data collected, which are highlighted in more detail in the sections to follow. Results and recommendations are distilled into an action plan proposal for the consideration of the City Commission.

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