Deck Placement

  • You need a building permit in order to erect a deck. Contact Building and Inspection Services Department to obtain a building permit.
  • In general, decks must be at least three (3) feet from the property line. However, where there is an established fence line on the rear or side yard, you may bring the deck up to the property line.
  • Covered decks are treated like porches and must comply with the setback requirements of the principal structure (the house).
  • Decks may not be more than two (2) feet above grade.
  • Decks located in front yards must be located at least ten (10) feet behind the front property line.

Special Notes

  • If you have an established fence line on the rear or side yard and choose to have your deck that close to the property line, you should be certain just where the property line is located in order to avoid conflicts with your neighbors. The City knows the approximate dimensions of your lot, but not precisely where the property lines are. Property lines can be located by a surveyor.

uncovered decks plan

Questions about decks?

Please direct all questions to [email protected].