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The City of Muskegon Building and Inspection Services Department provides all inspections for structures to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our customers and the residents of the City. A professional staff of building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and rental inspectors conducts these inspections. Our support team consists of four permit technicians. We partner with fire prevention personnel, police, and many others to provide inspection services in a team approach to various issues and challenges.

We welcome questions and inquiries on code interpretations and how-to scenarios. If you have questions relating to code enforcement, building issues, or other related issues, please do not hesitate to call us:

Main Building and Inspection Services number: (231) 724-6715
Main Email: [email protected]
Code Enforcement: (231) 724-6748
Rental Department: (231) 724-6766

Building and Inspection Resources

Below, you’ll find links to download commonly requested Building and Inspection Services forms and documents in PDF format. You may also pick these up in person at the Building and Inspection Services Department office at City Hall.

Permit Forms

Rental Inspection Resources

Code Enforcement

  1. Code Enforcement Appeal Form (mowing and trash pickup charges)
  2. Property Maintenance Standards (includes information about length of grass and weeds)

Building Guides

Demolition Contract Bid Document


Below, you’ll find contact information for the various inspectors and technicians in the Building and Inspection Services Department.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • A plan review is required whenever a commercial or residential building is erected, altered, enlarged, structurally repaired, moved, or converted to different use group (as defined in the building code).

  • A site plan review is required for new buildings (commercial or residential) and to existing buildings that change uses or expand in size.

  • The City of Muskegon enforces the following codes:

    • 2015 Michigan Building Code
    • 2015 Michigan Residential Code
    • 2023 National Electrical Code(NEC) with Michigan part 8
    • 2021 Michigan Plumbing Code
    • 2021 Michigan Mechanical Code
    • 2015 International Fire Code
    • Michigan Energy Code (ASHRAE 90.1-2013)
    • ICC A117.1-2009 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities
  • Minimum footing depth is 42 inches below finish grade.

  • Design roof snow load is 60 pounds per square foot per Figure 1608.2 MBC 2000.

  • Design wind speed is 90 mph (miles per hour) for a three-second gust per Figure 1609 MBC 2000.

  • Michigan State Law requires that work done on buildings (except single family dwellings under 3500 square feet) be under the seal and signature of a licensed architect or engineer. The Building Official may waive the requirement for sealed drawings if the proposed work is of a very minor nature. It is a very rare occasion that this requirement is waived.

  • The registered (licensed in Michigan) architect or engineer must seal the drawings with either an embossed seal or a wet ink seal and then validate that seal with an original signature in ink. A set of plans that is “sealed” therefore contains both the seal and signature of the architect or engineer. Photocopies of a previously sealed drawing are not acceptable. The seal and signature on each set of submitted plans must be original.

  • The architect may seal each individual sheet within the set or they may seal an index page that lists all the pages within the set for which the architect is responsible.

  • Plans should include a site plan showing location of buildings (for more information, contact the Planning Department at (231) 724-6702), complete floor plan (showing proposed use, wall details, plumbing, and mechanical and electrical details (including details on exit and emergency lighting).

  • Commercial – You must submit a completed building permit application, five (5) complete sets of construction drawings all properly sealed as described above. Include spec books if applicable.

    Residential – You must submit a completed building permit application, two (2) sets of drawings, and a site plan if necessary.

  • The fee is based on the value of the project. Our staff will help calculate the fee at the time the plan review is completed.

  • New buildings and additions require a site plan review. If the project is located near—or will affect—a wetlands or is located in a critical dune area, a review and permit may be required from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. If the project is located in the flood plain, the project must comply with the requirements for flood proof construction, or the project must be elevated out of the flood plain and a “Elevation Certificate” is required. These types of reviews are part of the plan review process and are reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Department.

  • We will need all Shut Off/Clearance letters for property (gas, electric & water/sewer).

  • Alterations to any building must comply with the requirements of Michigan Barrier Free Design Rules (BFR). Additionally, an accessible route must be provided to the improved areas. Within the BFR, there are some exceptions for existing buildings meeting certain criteria. Contact the office or your design professional to see if these exceptions may apply to your project. If you wish to seek a variance from the BFR, you must go to the Barrier Free Design Board of the State of Michigan. The City of Muskegon has no authority to grant variances to the BFR.

  • Feel free to contact the Building & Inspections Services Department at (231) 724-6715.

Contact the Building and Inspection Services Department

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