Lakeside Business Improvement District

About Lakeside Business Improvement District

The Lakeside Business Improvement District (BID) was established to promote economic development within the Lakeside Business District. The focus is on improving services for existing businesses through marketing activities, special events, common area maintenance, and beautification. Created under Michigan Act 120 of 1961, as amended in 2003, the BID has successfully organized two recurring special events:

  • Holidays in Lakeside – First Saturday in December
  • Lakeside Fall Festival – First Saturday in October

Additionally, in 2023, the BID secured a grant from the Michigan Municipal League Foundation Bridge Builders Microgrants to enhance crosswalks. The cross-walk art was produced by local artists supported by a grant from the Michigan Municipal League Foundation. 

Interested in learning more about the Lakeside BID? Attend our monthly meetings. We meet monthly on the third Wednesday of the month from 9-10 AM at City Hall in Conference Room 204.

Lakeside Social District

The Lakeside Social District provides common areas in Lakeside in which alcoholic beverages from participating establishments can be carried and consumed. Lakeside establishments in conjunction with the City of Muskegon have created this district to provide a year-round, festival atmosphere in Lakeside.

Map and Participating Businesses

The social district operates year-round, seven days a week from 11 AM – 11 PM. Below is a map of the current social district.

How It Works:

  • Order a drink to-go from one of the above establishments in a social district designated cup
  • Enjoy your drink in the designated consumption areas marked by sidewalk signs
  • Do not bring your drink to a different establishment
  • Drink responsibly, have fun, and dispose of your cup properly

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