LeighAnn Mikesell, Deputy City Manager

LeighAnn Mikesell is the Deputy City Manager of Muskegon. She is an engineer and planner with 30 years of experience. LeighAnn joined the City team in 2017.

Much of LeighAnn’s career was spent working in the transportation industry at the Michigan Department of Transportation. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Michigan.

LeighAnn was born and raised in Muskegon and is grateful to see her hometown amid a resurgence. In the deputy role, she serves as the Chief Operations Officer and is focused on the internal workings of the organization. Her top priorities are updating city policies to ensure equity, enhancing community engagement, and improving workplace culture.

The new Community Engagement Department reports to LeighAnn, and she is grateful to have a dedicated team making great strides in sharing and receiving information. Be sure to visit our Connect Muskegon page and sign up for notifications on the projects that are important to you.

LeighAnn resides in the Glenside Neighborhood where she enjoys the quiet, tree-lined streets, the friendly neighbors, and the convenient access to commercial areas and the beaches. She has two grown children, Allison and Cash.