Climate Action

City of Muskegon Addressing Climate Action

In April 2023, the Muskegon City Commission adopted a resolution declaring its commitment to climate action initiatives and to combat the impact of climate change on our community and planet. The city sought to reduce the risks of climate change by implementing actions that save money, improve productivity, and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, specifically of city-owned assets and infrastructure. The intention was to reduce its organizational-wide GHG emissions through deliberative budget, policy, and administrative actions.

The Commission directed that an organizational-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory be delivered for their review in early 2024. The document would be used to set target reductions with the goal of eliminating the organization’s GHG emissions by 2040.

In Fall 2023, the City solicited proposals from qualified firms to conduct an organizational-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Results of the inventory would be used by the city to manage GHG risks and identify reduction opportunities as well as participate in voluntary or mandatory GHG programs.

This effort addresses one of the City Commission’s stated goals of improving environmental sustainability for projects within the City. In 2023, the City also established a Climate Action Workgroup which consists of staff dedicated to addressing ways to reduce the impact of climate change on city-owned assets and infrastructure.

The Greenhouse Gas Inventory Final Report can be accessed here.