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Public Safety / Police / Fire

Emergencies: Call 911.

Report a Tip Online

City Parks

Report Park Maintenance
During business hours, call (231) 724-4100. After business hours, call (231) 737-2680.


Report a Pothole Online

Sanitation / Garbage Recycling

Contact the Sanitation Division of Public Works: (231) 724-4100. After hours: (231) 737-2680.

Street Light Outage

Contact Consumers Energy. You can ‘Report an Outage’ on their website or call them directly at 1 (800) 477-5050.


Contact City of Muskegon Public Works at (231) 724-4100. After hours: (231) 737-2680. In case of an overflow or backup, call immediately upon discovery.

Is your issue related to something else? Please see our Department Directory for a list of all City of Muskegon departments and contact information.