Request for Proposal (RFP) Campbell Field – Site Preparation

April 26, 2021


The City of Muskegon is seeking proposals from interested companies to provide site demolition and preparation work within Campbell Field. The city and community desire to largely transition the use of that park into a new purpose along the lines of the vision included in the attachment. As a first step towards that goal the city is soliciting bids to provide assistance in completing the site demolition and restoration.

Bidding Contractors will be responsible for the following items of work:

  • Removal of the existing paved parking lot and driveway in the SE corner of the site
  • Reclamation of the two (2) SE ballfields into greenspace
  • Reclamation of the one (1) NW ballfield into greenspace inclusive of salvaging and reusing existing infield stone dust.
  • Rehabilitation and conversion of the one (1) SW ballfield via removal of the infield topsoil and replacement with stone dust.
  • Site Restoration.
  • Alternate 1: Remove top soil, grade for 5 foot wide sidewalk concrete, place 4 inch thick concrete sidewalk and top soil restoration.

City of Muskegon will provide the following items of work in advance of or in conjunction with the project:

  • Removal of the existing fencing in areas to be disturbed, except for the SW ballfield
  • Removal of existing dugouts on reclaimed fields
  • Removal of scoreboards associated with reclaimed fields
  • Location, deactivation, and restoration of any impacted irrigation

City of Muskegon will host site meetings upon request to answer questions and review the project site. Requests submitted to Leo Evans via email ( prior to May 7, 2021 will be accommodated prior to the bid opening. Requests received after that date will be accommodated pending staff availability.

Subcontractors, if any, shall be approved by the Project Manager prior to acceptance on this contract and shall bound by these specifications. It is the responsibility and duty of the contractor to verify that the subcontractor meets all conditions. The contractor shall furnish any subcontractor’s proof of insurance meeting city requirements.

Construction shall be per applicable industry standards, the enclosed drawings/specifications, and any additional details provided via addenda.

Work shall be coordinated with any other park uses (softball) to minimize impact to their use and shall be completed prior to August 31, 2021.

RFP – Campbell Field Site Preparation (2021-04-22)[PDF]

Bid Tabulation