RFP for landscaping and maintenance in downtown Muskegon

March 15, 2016

landscape request for proposal

BID 2016 Landscaping RFP (PDF) [bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-file”]

BID 2016 Landscaping RFP Map (PDF) [bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-file”]

Date: March 15, 2016

To: Landscaping Contractors

From: Muskegon Business Improvement District/Downtown Muskegon Now

RE: RFP for landscaping and maintenance in downtown Muskegon

Proposals Due: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 by 12:00 p.m. (noon)

Downtown Muskegon Now (DMN), as manager of the new Muskegon Business Improvement District, seeks qualified firms to prepare and submit proposals for landscaping and maintenance in the core of downtown Muskegon along and adjacent to West Western Avenue between Terrace and Fifth streets and along Third Street between Clay Avenue and Morris Street.

Purpose & Objectives

DMN is interested in receiving proposals from companies or agencies with the ability and interest in providing the following services. The contract period will be for one season terminating on Nov. 30, 2016. Service areas for the 2016 contract are West Western Avenue between Terrace Street and Third Street

(both sides of Third and inside the traffic circle), the Olthoff Stage area (and it’s planting beds) along Third Street, The Alcoa Stage area in front of the Hines Building and the raised beds between Fourth and Fifth Street on Western Western Avenue (beds in front of and behind the parking lot across from the L.C. Walker Arena). An attached map shows the areas of service.


The selected firm must have a liability insurance policy covering casualty to persons and property for an amount no less than $1 million and list Downtown Muskegon Now as an additional insured party. A copy of the insurance policy must be provided to Downtown Muskegon Now at the start of the contact period.

Scope of Work

Lawn Fertilization/Weed Control

  • 4 fertilization applications on medians and terraces between Third Street and Terrace Street along Western Avenue (excluding vacant properties)
    • Spring (completed by June 1)
    • Early Summer (completed by July 30)
    • Late Summer (completed by September 30)
    • Fall/Winterized  (completed by Nov. 30)
  • Apply liquid weed control to the service area including:
    • Cracks
    • Curb lines
    • Landscaping beds
    • Along buildings
    • Parking lots behind Russell Block & the Hines Building (parking area entered from Morris Avenue between Second and Third Streets).
    • Alcoa Celebration Square rock beds at First Street and West Western Avenue (Continued)

*A copy of your business certification to apply fertilization/weed control must be submitted with the bid.

*DMN staff should be notified a week before applications occur.

Spring Clean Up

  • Removal of lawn and landscaping area debris
  • Cut all ornamental grasses and annual plants to spring start height
  • Remove all day Lilly dead loss and cleanout beds
  • Removal all trash from landscaped beds, curbs, & open fields
  • Haul all yard waste from site
  • Clean-up of curb lines and dress property for appearance
  • Clean-up landscaping rocks (moving back into islands) in the parking lots behind the Hines Building & Russell Block
  • Weed whip only the rear raised planting bed behind the West Western Avenue parking lot between Fourth and Fifth streets.
  • Weed and cut back (totally weed whip if needed) the front raised flower beds fronting West Western Avenue in the parking lot between Fourth and Fifth streets.

Hardwood Mulch Installation & Bed Prep

  • Pull weeds, and remove all debris from bark beds
  • Install sod cut edge and prep all corners of landscaping beds
  • Haul and spread shredded hardwood bark 2” deep in beds on Western Avenue between Terrace and Third Streets, and the front raised bed between Fourth and Fifth streets along West Western Avenue (see attached map for reference – the rear flower bed in this lot does not receive mulch)

New weed barrier for landscape beds along West Western Avenue/Third Street (please quote separately)

  • Remove the old weed barrier and replace it with new barrier as part of spring hardwood mulch installation and bed prep
  • Quote the work in a manner that groups of beds could be done in phases over a number of years.

Early-season application of alternative weed preventer in landscape beds (please quote separately)

  • After landscape bed preparation at the beginning of the season, application of a weed preventer such as Preen or equivalent.
  • Specify an alternative product to be applied instead of liquid weed control in the landscape beds provide weed prevention longer into the season.

Mowing of downtown vacant properties 3 times per season (please quote separately)

  • Mowing of three West Western Avenue downtown vacant properties on West Western Avenue from Third to First Street (see map)
  • Trash should be removed from all locations prior to mowing on each visit
  • Line trimming around all obstacles
  • Solid surfaces should be blown free of debris
  • If possible, one of the grass cutting of the three West Western Avenue vacant properties should occur the week prior to the Lakeshore Art Festival, July 1-2.

Trimming and Pruning

  • Trim & prune shrubs, bushes & trees to promote healthy growth and uniformity
  • Remove and dispose of trimming debris


Fall Clean-up

–     Leaf removal from plantings between Terrace Street and Third Street along Western Western  Avenue and in the Olthoff Stage area of Third Street between West Western and Clay avenues.

 Special Instructions

Downtown Muskegon hosts several festivals thought out the summer, set up for these festivals begins on the following dates and efforts should be made to ensure regular maintenance doesn’t interfere with event setup/activities. The city will turn off irrigation the day before the noted set-up start dates.

Event Set-up Starts Event times Breakdown
Parties in the Park Fridays 3-5PM Summer Fridays 5-9 pm Same night
Taste of Muskegon Thursday, June 16 June 17 & 18 11am-9pm Sunday, June 19
Lakeshore Art Festival Thursday, June 30 July 1 & 2 10 am-6 pm Sunday, July 3
Muskegon Rebel Road Wednesday, July 13 July 14, 15, 16 & 17 Monday, July 18

Proposals can be submitted by the due date to Dave Alexander, C/O Downtown Muskegon Now at the mailing address, fax number or email below.  

Downtown Muskegon Now 380 W. Western Ave., Suite 203 Muskegon, MI 49440
p. 231.724.3180 f. 231.728.7251